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Food manufacturing safety regulations

accountant37004036.jpgEvery manufacturing business has to follow rules and regulations so that safety and health are considered. The regulations that are set forth for the manufacturing industry are done so by over sixty different federal government agencies. These agencies not only create the regulations that the manufacturing businesses have to follow, but they are also responsible for enforcing the regulations. If a manufacturing company is caught not following regulations they will be sanctioned or fined depending on the violation.

Food manufacturing businesses are not any different; they are governed by various federal agencies. The main agency that creates and enforces the regulations for the food manufacturing industry is the Food and Drug Administration. Just recently there have been some new changes made to the regulations for food manufacturing. These new regulations were put into place because of the recent outbreaks of salmonella and E. coli. The Food and Drug Administration enacted new safety standards in hopes that they would be able to reduce the number of outbreaks that have been found in the United States by making certain foods safer to eat.

Here is a closer look at the new regulations that have been put into place by the Food and Drug Administration to help reduce these outbreaks and prevent future ones from happening.

  • To help better track food outbreaks a new regulation has been passed that will give the Food and Drug Administration better systems that they can use to trace the origins of any food outbreaks. This will allow them to trace back the outbreak to its original starting to point, which will also aid in the recall.

  • The Food and Drug Administration will institute a new network that different companies can use to help communicate about food safety. The network would be set up for agencies to use that are in charge of regulating food safety, such as the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Salmonella contamination will be reduced because new standards have been designed. The new standards are going to be applied to all egg and poultry producers.

  • To find any E. coli contamination there are new standards that are being put in place by the Food Safety Inspection Service, which is the Agriculture Department agency that inspects meat. The new standards that they will be following are to increase the amount of sampling that is being done on ground beef ingredients.

  • Any growers who produce leafy greens, melons, and tomatoes will need to begin using different things to try and reduce the diseases that are associated with the produce. The Food and Drug Administration has come up with a variety of methods that can be tested until growers find one that works the best. There are also going to be stricter standards put into place by the year 2011.

  • New positions are going to be created in the Food and Drug Administration, but there will also be new positions created inside the Agricultural Department. These new positions are going to be designed so that food safety can be overseen better than it is currently, which means that hopefully the number of incidences is reduced due to closer supervision.

Within the food manufacturing business the Food and Drug Administration inspects most of the foods, with the exception of meat, poultry and eggs. The Food and Drug Administration shares the responsibility of inspecting eggs with the Agricultural Department, which also is in charge of inspecting meat and poultry. Even with the Food and Drug Administration and the Agriculture Department involved there are still another fifteen government agencies that are a part of the food safety system. All of these agencies must work together in order to ensure that our food is safe to eat.

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