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Why manufacturing standards are good for consumers

ladywithheadsetsmiling30342942.jpgAs consumers we have expectations for the products and services that we pay for.We assume that the products that we buy to eat will not be harmful to us and that the services rendered to us will not result in injury.Although these assumptions are fundamental to our decision to buy, we assume that the manufacturers of the products we buy will automatically comply with high standards and therefore fail to really stop to think about whether or not the products we buy really have been made to our expectations.As consumers it is obvious what is wanted.In short, what we want is to have our expectations met or exceeded.We want quality, reliability, protection (both of safety and health), compatibility between products designed to work together, consistency, choice, clear product information, lower prices and fair competition, and environmental sensitivity.As consumers, we work hard for our money and want to make sure that we are exchanging that hard earned money for a product that is comparable to the price in every way.

Manufacturing standards help consumers because they take the guess work out.When a manufacturer abides by a set of standards, you as the consumer have a much easier time making a purchasing decision.As a manufacturer, complying with standards may seem like a burden but in the end, the manufacturer has a lot to gain.Manufacturers who develop reputations of being in compliance with all industry standards, and perhaps even some self-initiated standards of their own, produce products that are perceived to have a higher value.When customers perceive that higher quality they are not only less hesitant to make a purchase, but they may be willing to pay more for the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a product that has met a high manufacturing standard.

Manufacturing standards are good for consumers because there are there for our own protection.As consumers, we have certain rights.These rights are fundamental to our own protection.The four basic consumer rights are the right to safety, to be informed, to choose, and to be heard.To these original four consumer rights, there have been four more consumer rights added.These additional rights include the right to satisfaction of basic needs, the right to redress, the right to education, and the right to a healthy environment. Manufacturing standards support these basic rights as they help to raise levels of quality, safety, reliability, and to provide increasing awareness of and sensitivity to environmental effects.

Manufacturing standards are good for consumers because they are relevant and inclusive in that they have been developed voluntarily with both the benefit of the customer and the manufacturer in mind.There is no one government agency that dictates what manufacturing standards should be.The process of developing standards is viewed as an opportunity for all members of the company to voice their concerns and ideas for how to make the company a better place to work and how to make the product even more ideal for the consumer.Naturally, not all opinions are going to be the same, therefore it is important to come to a consensus based standardization.With fairness and effectiveness as the goal, standardization can have a positive effect on the daily lives of all those involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and purchasing process.

The ISO has a specific way of encouraging the input of the consumer.First, in a process called standards development work, consumers can participate by expressing their opinions as national members of the group Consumers International.To obtain consumer views on topics of policy, there is an ISO committee on Consumer Policy.

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