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One of the reasons why industry functions as well as it does these days is that there is a system of international standards. Few of us can imagine what it would be like to run a manufacturing business without some sort of universal standard. Standards are used to keep controls operating in manufacturing businesses. They also help to organize systems and facillitate communications between them. The complexity of manufacturing systems is such that such standards are absolutely necessary, both for producers and suppliers. Without them industries would be working according to their own standards and would be unable to communicate with each other. IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission. It relates to the enterprise control system integration, meaning that the control systems in the process need to work together and exchange information. In much manufacturing there are several controls system that are monitored by central electronic systems.
A control system is the means by which a manufacturing business can monitor itself. Think of a control system as being something like a thermostat.

Thermostats monitor the temperature in the air and make changes by turning on or off the furnace. The thermostat controls the overall temperature by monitoring the inputs and outputs of the system. Heat in a room is an input into the system. When the temperature in the room is too low the system turns on the furnace and creates an output that then changes the temperature. In this sense the system creates a loop wherein outputs and inputs are carefully monitored and alter as need be. In large, complicated manufacturing businesses it is extremely important that these control systems work according to an integrated system run electronically. It is very important that these control systems, of which there are many, should be carefully integrated. If one system continues to control one process and another does not it can seriously cause problems. Controls need to work together so that the entire system is uniform and changes can be made throughout. If a change is made in one part of the process it needs to be made in other places as well.

The IEC creates the standards that allow this sort of integration to occur. Without them controls would not integrate and there would be serious problems in the process. The IEC collects the most recent data and consults experts to configure the appropriate the modules for manufacturing and electronic systems. These standards are generally applied throughout the entire world to help ensure certain standards. These are important standards for the success of industry in the world. Without them the factories would have serious problems integrating their systems and maintaining controls. Think of a house with multiple thermostats and furnaces for each room. If they were not integrated the system would go almost completely haywire and would not monitor the temperature as it should. It would be a serious problem for all involved and this is just the sort of thing that the IEC works to resolve.

If you are interested in investing in manufacturing it will be necessary for you to research the IEC and its standards. These are the standards that regulate the systems that will work in your factories. It is absolutely imperative that you understand them and know how to work with them. However, these standards are also very complex and should only be fully implemented by engineers and those familiar with them. In any case, international standards are of the utmost importance to your business and its success. Do not try to operate a manufacturing business without them.

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