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All about manufacturing standards

architect36832024.jpgA standard is a something that is measured against.In manufacturing, there are standards of operation and management.Because of the very nature of manufacturing (production), it is important to constantly be measuring how well the business is doing, and how high of a quality the finished product really is. Keep in mind that these standards are generic, (meaning that they apply to all manufacturers and business owners),no matter the size or nature of the organization. The business can be a public, private or even government entity,and these generic standards would still apply.

It is important to understand that manufacturing standards are created and enforced,both internally,and from organizations outside of the business. Managers create their standards in what is generally a three part process. These steps are-

  • Planning-The first step is to plan what you want the objectives for your manufacturing business to be. This is done by analyzing your company, the goals that are in place, and then developing a plan to achieve those goals.

  • Implementation-After the plan is completed, managers must implement it. This change may be something that is fairly simple, or a complex set of standards that will have to be implemented over many months.

  • Measurement-Finally, as a manager for a manufacturing company,you must check to ensure that you are actually meeting your objectives. You will need to be sure that you have ways of measuring your results. If you find that you are not reaching your targets, you will need to repeat the process.

It should be understood that manufacturing standards that are developed by agencies like the ISO,are continually evolving,just as practices for operation are always evolving.Keep in mind that there is no one right system,or a best way of operation,for all manufacturing organizations. In fact, the larger a manufacturing company is, the more opinions there will be regarding what constitutes best practices. Creating and enforcing a manufacturing standard,is not about dictating how every manufacturer,must run his or her business, but rather it is a tried and true method that is being suggested. Manufacturing standards can provide great benefit to the business, in the form of effectively utilizing resources of time, money, and materials. Manufacturing standards are there to ensure that no one process, or check-point is left out, and that everyone is aware of what their role is in the overall process.

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