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Building links with YouTube

One of the most popular sharing sites on the internet today is YouTube. Millions of people use YouTube to create videos that they would like to share with anyone in the world. It is amazing to see the large variety of videos on there as you can literally find things from breaking news stories to actual footage of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon or the assassination of JFK. Since YouTube is such a popular site, many companies are using it to market. If you haven't turned to YouTube for your marketing needs, you better get familiar with the site in a hurry. YouTube is one of the best ways to build links for your company and here you are able to really broadcast yourself and help to cement your reputation.

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What you should know about choosing a mic for your video camera

Video camera users report that there are several problems, when they are using the built in the mic, on their digital camcorder. These problems can include but are not limited to: you can record the sounds that you are making, or you can record ambient noise in the background. While a built in mic can work well if you are interviewing someone who is close by, there can be a significant problem with the sound, when you are trying to record anything at a distance. In addition, many digital camcorder users, report that the sound quality of built in mics, is not as good, as when an external mic is being used. Worse yet, using the built in mic, on your digital camcorder can means that you end up taping the noise that is made by the camcorder!The good news is that there are options that are available, to help reduce and even eliminate these problems. Here is what you should know about choosing a mic for your video camera-

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Checking out Apple TV

TV30347107.jpg We have been hearing all about Google TV for months and listening to several companies talk about how they will integrate it with their systems but what about Apple TV? Have you hear about this new TV phenomenon and why it's going to change the way you are watching television.

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A Facebook phone?

cellphone30365260.jpg Rumors are swirling that Facebook is developing its own cell phone. What would a Facebook phone be exactly? Well the founder of Facebook has explained that they are highly interested in selling cell phones. Google and Apple are forming their own systems so it's not abnormal that Facebook may also be investigating their own cell phone. In order for Facebook to expand its abilities, Facebook must be deeply embedded in the phones operating system. Especially people's contact lists that are on the social networking site. In order to make this possible everything on the phone would need to be Facebook friendly. The theory of a Facebook phone seems understandable. But there is still one question. Who would buy a Facebook phone? Phones are often purchased by everyday people who find something enticing about a particular product. Google on launching its Nexus one, seemed to believe it could just put its product online and people would just be fascinated, unfortunately that didn't work as well as they hoped. Facebook taking this dilemma into consideration has asked themselves these questions:

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High-tech gadgets for movie or music fun

USB19143376.jpgThere is no need to settle for a simple bag of popcorn in front of your old TV, to watch your favorite movie, or the need to listen to "tunes" on your 80's boom box.There is now a wide variety of high-tech gadgets to make your viewing and listening pleasure, better then you ever thought. These gadgets though high-tech are easy to operate (allowing those non-techies to enjoy them), and there is something, for everyone, in almost every budget category. Technology has never been so fun!Here are some high-tech gadgets for movie or music fun-

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Zune versus iPod

manwithheadphones30324965.jpgFor many years Apple's iPod has been the number-one selling MP3 player on the market. Apple found a way to perfect their creation with designing their own web site where people can download music, books, and videos. They continue to produce newer and better versions of the iPod and the price of the original iPod Nano has dropped in price, making it affordable to practically everyone. In 2006, Microsoft finally hit the MP3 world with their introduction of Zune. The Zune has also taken the market by storm, especially for Microsoft lovers that appreciate its ability to sync easily with their Microsoft applications. So which is better, the iPod or the Zune? Here is a list that may help you decide:

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Using your computer to watch satellite TV

accountant37004113.jpgEveryday over 1 billion video streams are watched and more people are becoming interested in watching satellite TV on their computers. DirecTV and other companies will charge you over $200 to watch all of your favorite MLB teams play while you can purchase the same on-demand service through for only $55.00. Finding services on the internet like the MLB package are convincing more people to turn to the internet for their on-demand television service.

In order to use your computer to watch satellite TV, you will need to purchase a satellite TV software program. There are several web sites that offer the software for about $50 or less. It doesn't take up a ton of room on your computer and it installs in under 5 minutes. The software is fairly easy to use and you can start watching TV on your computer in a manner of minutes.

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