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What you should know about choosing a mic for your video camera

Video camera users report that there are several problems, when they are using the built in the mic, on their digital camcorder. These problems can include but are not limited to: you can record the sounds that you are making, or you can record ambient noise in the background. While a built in mic can work well if you are interviewing someone who is close by, there can be a significant problem with the sound, when you are trying to record anything at a distance. In addition, many digital camcorder users, report that the sound quality of built in mics, is not as good, as when an external mic is being used. Worse yet, using the built in mic, on your digital camcorder can means that you end up taping the noise that is made by the camcorder!The good news is that there are options that are available, to help reduce and even eliminate these problems. Here is what you should know about choosing a mic for your video camera-

  • Consider an accessory microphone-This might be an available option when you buy your camcorder. There are several types of camcorders that have an accessory mic that fits onto the camera. Users of this type of mic, report that it is very convenient. While the quality will not be as high as a dedicated external mic, it will be better then the one that is built onto the camera.
  • Buy an external microphone-This is the best choice, is you are looking to record a high quality of audio. However, if you are looking to buy a mic, for a camera that you already own, you need to be sure that it is equipped to receive the input, from a wireless mic. Technology experts also advise that you should prepare yourself, for some sticker shock. While you may be able to find an external mic, for as low as $50-60 dollars, a high quality mic will cost approximately $200 dollars. You should take your time shopping to make sure that you find the best deal, for the highest quality possible.
There are also some other things to keep in mind if you decide to buy an external mic. While an external mic does not have to far away from the camera to work, they will still pick up some of the camera noise, just like the built in mic. In order to help eliminate that noise, you can attach the mic, using an external float. This device works by "floating" the mic away, from your camera. However, you should keep in mind that these camera floats will pose an additional cost.

There are several different types of external microphones that you can choose from. One of the most popular types of external microphones is known as the lapel mic. This small mic is most often used when all of the sound is coming from one person, or a small group of people who are close together. Another popular type of mic is known as the versatile shotgun. This is the type of mic that is most often used to film any professional event. These long and slender mic, are pointed out to pick up sound. The major benefit to this type of mic is that it doesn't pick up a lot of external background noise. Again, you should keep in mind that this type of mic, can be purchased in the $100 dollar range all the way up to thousands of dollars. Technology experts, state that in most cases the more you spend, the higher quality of mic, you will end up with.

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