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Zune versus iPod

manwithheadphones30324965.jpgFor many years Apple's iPod has been the number-one selling MP3 player on the market. Apple found a way to perfect their creation with designing their own web site where people can download music, books, and videos. They continue to produce newer and better versions of the iPod and the price of the original iPod Nano has dropped in price, making it affordable to practically everyone. In 2006, Microsoft finally hit the MP3 world with their introduction of Zune. The Zune has also taken the market by storm, especially for Microsoft lovers that appreciate its ability to sync easily with their Microsoft applications. So which is better, the iPod or the Zune? Here is a list that may help you decide:

  • Zune and iPod both come with preloaded audio and video features
  • Both MP3 players include access to iTunes and other music downloading web sites
  • Built in FM tuners
  • Wi-Fi services available on most versions
  • Customized playlists, pictures, and backgrounds

While the iPod Nano doesn't include most of these features, the newer versions do. The Zune has a big advantage over the iPod because it includes all of these features on every version plus landscape video features.

The iPod and Zune have several great features and both MP3 players come with great customer support service. If the product breaks or has problems, you can research solutions on their web site or you can contact their customer service department that will have you send it back and they can fix it and return it to you for a low cost.

When you are looking at the two MP3 players, consider their price, storage, and battery life. You don't want to spend hours creating custom playlists only to have them play for about 3 hours before the device needs re-charging.

If you are a Mac lover, the iPod is the right device for you. The Zune only supports Windows, making it ideal for Microsoft supporters. However, if you want good WiFi connectivity, the Zune still has the edge over the iPod Touch. The Zune has reported faster connection speeds and less browsing errors.

Consider the downloading you will be doing. If you see yourself on iTunes a lot, the iPod will easily integrate with it and they have a larger selection of songs to choose from at reasonable prices. The prices range from $99. to $1.29 and up for entire album downloads. Zune Marketplace is getting better and they do have a large selection of music, television shows, movies, and games to choose from. Zune Marketplace has a nice feature and that is subscription services. For $14.99 a month you can subscribe to the web site and have unlimited downloads. You also earn points on every purchase, which can be used to receive free downloads like songs and games. This is great if you are an Xbox user because you can hook your gaming system up and start receiving free monthly WiFi service.

Anyone that wants to download a lot of videos and music to their MP3 player should consider the 80GB iPod over the 30GB Zune. While 30GB is a good size, it doesn't even compare to the 80GB iPod which can hold 2 times the music and videos of the Zune.

Zune does have the nice feature of having a FM tuner, allowing you to listen to your music when you are driving in the car. The older iPods require that you purchase a device to hook the iPod to and then tune it to the stereo. The iPod Touch does have an FM tuner, but it is pricier than the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

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