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Using your computer to watch satellite TV

accountant37004113.jpgEveryday over 1 billion video streams are watched and more people are becoming interested in watching satellite TV on their computers. DirecTV and other companies will charge you over $200 to watch all of your favorite MLB teams play while you can purchase the same on-demand service through for only $55.00. Finding services on the internet like the MLB package are convincing more people to turn to the internet for their on-demand television service.

In order to use your computer to watch satellite TV, you will need to purchase a satellite TV software program. There are several web sites that offer the software for about $50 or less. It doesn't take up a ton of room on your computer and it installs in under 5 minutes. The software is fairly easy to use and you can start watching TV on your computer in a manner of minutes.

The best part about satellite TV on your computer is that it is free! Unlike cable or satellite TV, you won't be getting an $80 bill just to watch all your favorite shows. Another perk you will enjoy is that you will get free software upgrades after your initial purchase.

How does it work? The software receives the channels from FTV TV stations and other TV air feeds. You actually get about 2000 or more channels on your computer for free versus the 700 that you can get with a traditional satellite TV provider.

In order to get the best service, you need to have a strong internet connection. Usually DSL or cable broadband internet connections will provide you with the fastest service possible. Some people can actually get it through dial-up connections, but there may be delays. It is also important to install Macromedia Flash player and Windows Media Player in order to watch TV on your computer. Most of the channels will be transmitted in these programs.

To use the TV service, you can to your favorite show's web sites and watch entire episodes or you can choose to use the software and browse through the listings. Simply click on the shows you want to watch and the computer will automatically save them so you can watch them live or at a later time. It works similar to using a DVR with DirecTV.

If you want pay-per-view things, you will still need to pay for those. Companies like the UFC offer a link to online fight nights and you can watch the entire pay-per-view just like all the other customers that order it through their satellite providers.

Anyone that wants access to all their favorite shows, sports teams, and other channels should seriously consider making the switch to internet television. The entire process is easy to do and it's really easy to use.

Comparing the cost of internet TV to traditional satellite TV is far cheaper. You will save over $1,000 by making the switch and that is just for the basic satellite TV service. When you start adding additional services like MLB and NFL, the savings add up even faster.

Many people choose to hook their computer right up to the TV so they can watch their favorite shows just like normal on their 46'' big screen TV. Another perk of internet TV is that you don't need to wait around for 4-8 hours for an installation tech to come and install a dish to your home and string bulky cords all over the exterior and interior of your home. The one downside to it is that you will need to install it on multiple computers if you have more than one TV you want to use it on. However, you can get a server that allows you to install it there and then log into the server with a wireless device and broadcast the signal to the TV. Another advantage is that you don't need to worry about storm clouds interfering with your TV viewing experience.

If you are interested in downloading the software to start watching TV on your computer, visit

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