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High-tech gadgets for movie or music fun

USB19143376.jpgThere is no need to settle for a simple bag of popcorn in front of your old TV, to watch your favorite movie, or the need to listen to "tunes" on your 80's boom box.There is now a wide variety of high-tech gadgets to make your viewing and listening pleasure, better then you ever thought. These gadgets though high-tech are easy to operate (allowing those non-techies to enjoy them), and there is something, for everyone, in almost every budget category. Technology has never been so fun!Here are some high-tech gadgets for movie or music fun-

  • For video on the go-Echostar(who makes boxes for Dish Network satellite and the Slingbox Internet streaming devices) now has made a device that integrates all of the best features of both. The Dish Network ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR Satellite Receiver will allow you to access TV remotely and enjoy high quality, Dish channels, using a laptop, from somewhere else. Keep in mind that you must be at a Wi-Fi location. You can also use your iPhone, for smaller but equally as sharp Dish channels. Your iPhone uses a Slingbox app to connect with the device.
  • For movies outside-For a party that your family and friends won't soon forget, you can use the MovieMate 60 made by Epson, to show movies outside. You will only need a wall (preferably one that is white), and a great movie to make this a night that won't soon be forgotten. This nifty projection system offers a wide screen, high resolution picture. It comes with a DVD/CD player, amplifier and speakers that are side mounted. This movie wonder can project an image as tall as 120-inches, from as far away as 12 feet. Other features can be accessed for presentations, karaoke, or narration for a photo show,
  • For music on the offers a Digital FM Stereo Transmitter, that is both compact and battery-operated. This handy transmitter uses signal from any audio source (using a "mini" output jack that is similar to a headphone style) into your own radio signal that can be received on any devices that are nearby and have a FM radio tuner. You can adjust the signal using any open frequency to obtain a high quality signal output. The signal then beams at a minimum of 100 feet in all directions. This can be all you need, for a great party in the house, outside or at the beach. A brand new device in the music world is making big waves. The iPhone and iPod touch can now use the Eton Soulra, to be transformed into a sound system that is solar powered.The lid which flips open has a solar panel that is commercial grade. This panel after it has absorbed about 10 hours of bright sunlight, will completely the Apple product, that is installed or the boom box itself. Keep in mind that it cannot recharge as fast on an overcast day or it can be used with power-line AC connection. This innovative gadget is rugged enough to take to the beach or the pool. It is waterproof, (keep in mind this does not mean for use in the water), and will not be bothered by the sand. Best of all you have the Eton Soulra, for less then $200 dollars.
  • For music in the great outdoors-If you don't want to venture out camping without your music, these gadgets can help. The XM SkyDock has the capabilities to recharge or dock your iPhone and is also a radio, with satellite capabilities. Simply by plugging it into your car's power outlet you can access both. Once your Apple product is docked, the gadget becomes the display for the satellite radio. You can then select and view the stations that are playing.
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