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Building links with YouTube

One of the most popular sharing sites on the internet today is YouTube. Millions of people use YouTube to create videos that they would like to share with anyone in the world. It is amazing to see the large variety of videos on there as you can literally find things from breaking news stories to actual footage of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon or the assassination of JFK. Since YouTube is such a popular site, many companies are using it to market. If you haven't turned to YouTube for your marketing needs, you better get familiar with the site in a hurry. YouTube is one of the best ways to build links for your company and here you are able to really broadcast yourself and help to cement your reputation.

With YouTube you will create videos and upload them. Always include a link for people to click on so they can go to your website for more information. The other good idea is to create a video that gets people interested in what you have to say that they will actually go back to your website to learn more. This will really help you to build up a strong online presence and it also helps to you create a large YouTube following as well. Companies love viral videos right now and they are something that everyone is seeking. A viral video can be a marketing gold mine for a company so if you are clever enough to make one, you will get the financial rewards from it.

The technology YouTube uses is based on flash. It is very easy to use and YouTube does all the coding to convert your video files and upload them to your site. You will need to agree to the YouTube terms about the videos that are posted and they are trying to cut down on the inappropriate videos on the site. Once you agree to their terms you can create your username and account information and start uploading your videos. The more you upload, the easier it will be to really get your name out there. You do need to be aware of what you are uploading. Why are you making the video? What will your users get out of it? If you are just making videos to actually make them, you aren't going to get much of a response from your customers. People want a video that catches their attention and if they are looking for information on a particular topic, they expect that video to give it to them.

You do have control over your YouTube account so you can choose to remove videos if you don't like them or if they are dragging down your reputation. However you can only remove the videos that you post. Look into the keywords that you want to use for the title and to tag the video. These keywords will help you to get the traffic you really need for your site and to be able to boost your online presence.

Let people know that you have a YouTube account and encourage them to follow you on YouTube. This is a great way to start broadcasting weekly messages to your customers and other things. YouTube is a valuable piece of technology and if you aren't using it, you need to! Every company that wants to build links and really expand their marketing strategy must see the value and the potential that YouTube can create. If you know of the terms `viral video' and `video marketing' then you know just how important it can be for you to create great YouTube videos for your company.

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