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Are you ready for Microsoft Silverlight?

manoncomputer16487063.jpgWhen the 2010 Winter Olympics were being broadcast, you may have noticed a number of commercials promoting the latest and greatest release from Microsoft, know as Silverlight. What is Microsoft Silverlight and how is it going to change your computer?Right now there are 4 versions of Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight 1 is installed on about 20-25 million computers and it has had a few kinks, so we are already up to Silverlight 4 and it has already been released. You can actually download Silverlight 4 right off the Microsoft website.

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AOL Upgrades

There are now lots of new and enhanced security services as part of AOL's standard package with the introduction of AOL 9.0 Security Edition.This new package will feature McAfee Virus Scan online and Spyware protection.Spyware protection is an instant-messaging spam blocker.A good feature with this is that it will alert users when there are suspicious activities going on with your bank accounts and credit card purchases.It is a comfortable way of protecting yourself from online threats and will save you money and frustrations.If you are an AOL subscriber, you will be able to download AOL 9.0 Security Edition from the online "keyword" interface by typing in "upgrade" or by going to You will appreciate the fact that there is no additional charge to you.

According to popular trends, and polls, AOL 9.0 is the best version yet.It is smoother, faster and safer and has improved browsing, anti-virus protection and connectivity.Some of its features are

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Updating systems to be compatible with new technology

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners is the constant need to update their system in order to be compatible with any new technology.When bringing new technology into a system it is often not enough to simply install it and walk away often systems must be updated with new memory or have their computer drivers updated.While this may seem overwhelming it is really a simple process when you understand the components that are involved.Here is some basic information to help you begin updating systems to be compatible with new technology.

1. First you may need to ask yourself: exactly what is a driver? The simplest explanation is that a driver is a computer program that controls another device. Everything in your computer from your keyboard to your video card has a corresponding driver. The driver works by acting like a translator between the device and programs that use the device. If there were no drivers in your computer nothing would work. Drivers are extremely important little programs and will need to be maintained or updated on a regular basis and when any other new technology (hardware or software) is added to the system. Failure to update your drivers can cause your devices and the software that uses them to behave strangely, work poorly, or simply stop working all together.

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Updating applications on your computer, such as spell check and thesaurus

With the ever changing world of technology it becomes a challenge to stay on top of what is available.Yet for the personal or business computer user the need to have the most available and newest applications for their computer remains the same.With the multitude of updates and the number of applications on any given computer it can become overwhelming at the thought of trying to stay on top of it. But there are ways to have the newest and latest on your computer without straining your time or your budget.Here is a guide for updating applications on your computer, such as spell check and thesaurus.

- The first thing to understand is that many of the newer systems update automatically or can be set up to do so.For example: whatever word processing program that you are using can be attached to the manufacturer's web site to receive automatic updates. Also many security applications on your computer can be set up to automatically update each time you log on.This is done automatically without any action needed on the part of the user. The program you want to update is simply attached to the manufacturer's web site and each time the user logs on the application will be updated.It is important to understand though that this is simply an update and not a new version.

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Microsoft Vista, how much better is it really?

Microsoft Vista, how much better is it really? Overall there are several major functions and features with Window Vista that are significantly better than other operating systems. These features are the Security, the back up and the power saving sleep options.

Lets take a detailed look of why these features are better with Windows Vista.

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Review of PDAs

The HP iPaq hx2790 sticks to the basics, but has just enough entertainment potential and business abilities to satisfy almost everyone. With the addition of Windows Mobile 5 there are even more tools for getting things done while on the go. At around $500.00 it is one of the most expensive PDAs on the market. The hx2790 also lacks the high-resolution screen compared to that of competing products, such as the Dell Axim X51v and the Palm TX. If security is very important to you, the HP iPaq hx2790 has a biometric fingerprint reader.

The HP iPaq hx2790 has a sturdy frame and case. It is designed with rounded corners and protective rubber inserts that offer extra protection against abuse. This gray and silver PDA measures 3 x 4.7 x 0.6 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces. It is a little heaver and longer than similar devices, but still feels good in your hand. A smoked-plastic screen cover is included but it does add half an ounce to the package and it does not flip all the way over.

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The features and upgrades in Windows Vista

Microsoft has upgraded the last, latest greatest upgrade (Windows XP) with a new, latest greatest upgrade: Windows Vista.Besides costing more (the full package goes for about $400), what other differences are there between XP and Vista?

The look has changed-the new Vista program opens windows that look like, well, windows.There are fancy new special effects too.For example, the Windows Flip and the Windows 3D flip allow you to flip through the open windows when using the mouse scroll wheel.The new layout will appeal aesthetically to people who are impressed with similar features available in the high tech video games.Other improvements in the look include peripheral details like the JPEG file used for desktop wallpaper maintaining their proper ratios.

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How to upgrade your current computer system

One of the biggest frustrations that consumers face with computer systems is that it seems like as soon as you buy a system that is supposed to be "top of the line" something better becomes available.In fact, it is estimated that average desktop PC has a functional lifespan of roughly two to five years.Most people simply cannot afford to replace their computers every two to five years.Instead, consumers may choose to upgrade their current system.

PC's manifest their flaws in different ways. Some systems just aren't as fast as they used to be, some don't have enough space to store their files while other computer systems don't meet the requirements for the latest software.You must first determine what upgrades your computer is in need of.Then it would be wise to consider whether it is worth it to replace a part of your system or upgrade it.

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How to make recent advances in technology a benefit for your business

Information and communication technology is continually setting the pace for the business world. The business world is a fast-changing place and new advances in technology are changing the way everyone works. In less time than ever before, more work can be done in a day, not only at the desk, but also on the road away from the office. Knowing and implementing the most recent advances in technology can benefit your business greatly.

Investing in mobile solutions can increase productivity significantly.Typically, there are two options:
1. A hosted exchange solution where everything is managed for you and your people. All you see are the messages, e-mail messages, data reports, and content that is delivered to your PC or mobile online device as part of your hosting agreement.
2. A mobile information server, which is a full solution. This full solution is managed inside your business or buy a hosted supplier. For a simple monthly fee plus airtime costs, you get everything you require, which includes all the hardware, software, configuration, installation, training, and support.
As your business grows and you perhaps relocate, you simply "unplug" the solution and take it with you.

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Tips for staying up to date with information technology

Technology is constantly evolving and changing. For this reason, it can be difficult at times to stay up to date with information technology. However, staying informed when it comes to information technology is important for a number of reasons.

If you work in a technological environment, then it's important to stay up to date with information technology simply to be able to do your job. It also makes you more marketable to potential employers. Business owners need to stay up to date on information technology to be competitive in business and to be able to address and resolve any technical needs as they occur.

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How to stay up to date on technology news

Technology is constantly changing and updating. It seems like every time you open a magazine or turn on the TV, there's an ad for a newer, better product that has a number of enhancements to make life easier and better.

With all the technology news, it can be difficult staying up to date. However, it's important for a number of reasons. This is particularly true for business owners, whose employees work with technology. Obsolete computers and outdated systems can make it harder to conduct business as well as lead to frustrated employees who are forced to work on out of date equipment.

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