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How to upgrade your current computer system

One of the biggest frustrations that consumers face with computer systems is that it seems like as soon as you buy a system that is supposed to be "top of the line" something better becomes available.In fact, it is estimated that average desktop PC has a functional lifespan of roughly two to five years.Most people simply cannot afford to replace their computers every two to five years.Instead, consumers may choose to upgrade their current system.

PC's manifest their flaws in different ways. Some systems just aren't as fast as they used to be, some don't have enough space to store their files while other computer systems don't meet the requirements for the latest software.You must first determine what upgrades your computer is in need of.Then it would be wise to consider whether it is worth it to replace a part of your system or upgrade it.

Of all the many PC components below you will find those that are upgraded most commonly.The following upgrades are relatively simple and come in different varieties so that you can find the upgrade that works best for your situation.


Upgrading the memory of your PC is one of the easiest and least expensive upgrades that you can make.Upgrading memory is so effective because improving the amount of memory in your computer system will not only allow your computer to perform more functions, but it will be able to do these functions faster.Instructions for installing more memory are fairly simple and will accompany the specific computer memory upgrade materials that you decide to purchase.

Hard drive

Upgrading hard drive space is another simple yet highly effective upgrade for your computer.Did you know that the average amount of information found on a household computer will double every two years?! You can either choose to purchase an internal hard drive or an external hard drive.Installation is easy too.You will need to know whether your computer uses a SATA rive or an IDE drive.Your computer specifications should help you to determine which drive type to use.

CD/DVD Drives

Replacing the CD/DVD drive is probably the least expensive upgrade that can be done to a computer system. Most DVD burners can be found for between $30-50. CD/DVD drives are just as easy to install as a hard drive.

Video Cards

Video cards are a less common upgrade unless you are looking for extra performance or functionality with 3D applications (i.e. gaming or drafting).PC gaming advances so quickly that in as little as six months your current system may not be able to handle the newest specifications.


Upgrading an entire CPU is obviously going to make a huge impact on the overall performance of your computer.However, once you start thinking about making such a large upgrade, you may find that simply buying a new unit may not be that much more expensive.Also, installation of a new CPU can be very intricate and complicated.Unless you have experience building your own computer from parts, upgrading the entire CPU is probably not the best option.

Upgrading your current computer system is largely a matter of deciding what components need to be upgraded in order to solve the problems that you are experiencing.Then you will need to make a decision regarding how much you will be willing to spend on an upgrade and whether or not you would simply be better off replacing a part entirely.The actually installation process of upgrading a system component will depend on the type of upgrade that you buy.Most upgrades are very user friendly and come with directions that can help you successfully upgrade your current computer system.

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