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Updating applications on your computer, such as spell check and thesaurus

With the ever changing world of technology it becomes a challenge to stay on top of what is available.Yet for the personal or business computer user the need to have the most available and newest applications for their computer remains the same.With the multitude of updates and the number of applications on any given computer it can become overwhelming at the thought of trying to stay on top of it. But there are ways to have the newest and latest on your computer without straining your time or your budget.Here is a guide for updating applications on your computer, such as spell check and thesaurus.

- The first thing to understand is that many of the newer systems update automatically or can be set up to do so.For example: whatever word processing program that you are using can be attached to the manufacturer's web site to receive automatic updates. Also many security applications on your computer can be set up to automatically update each time you log on.This is done automatically without any action needed on the part of the user. The program you want to update is simply attached to the manufacturer's web site and each time the user logs on the application will be updated.It is important to understand though that this is simply an update and not a new version.

- The next step that can be taken to update applications on your computer is to search the applicable websites for updates.These updates are released by the product manufacturer on a periodic basis to refresh and update your applications and not to replace them.You can do a search for those updates by going to the product manufacturer's web sites or many web sites now have a function that by listing an email address they will contact you when a new update is available.All the user has to do then is simply download the update and they are ready to go. These updates are almost always free. When considering many of the functions in a word processing program (such as spell check or thesaurus) it is important to understand that these updates will give the latest in content only and will not provide updated ways to access or use these applications.This can be obtained only by purchasing a new version of the program containing these applications.
- While most of the time an update will refresh any computer application and make it more efficient for the user sometimes it becomes necessary to install a completely new version in order to gain access to the newest applications.An update will only take an application so far in its use.Manufacturers will eventually install the newest (and usually easiest to use) application within the newest version of the program in order to help entice users to purchase the product and gain access to them. So keep in mind that while most computer applications can be updated indefinitely to gain access to the newest features you will have to visit your local computer store to purchase the newest version of the program containing those applications.

Many experts recommend keeping a record of all computer applications that may need updating.That way if you are unhappy or interested in whether an update is available for that particular application you can simply consult that programs website or contact the manufacturer directly.By having a record of all programs that could be updated this gives you a road map to work from and eliminates the confusion of guessing which applications may need to be updated to help your computer work faster and more efficiently.

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