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How to make recent advances in technology a benefit for your business

Information and communication technology is continually setting the pace for the business world. The business world is a fast-changing place and new advances in technology are changing the way everyone works. In less time than ever before, more work can be done in a day, not only at the desk, but also on the road away from the office. Knowing and implementing the most recent advances in technology can benefit your business greatly.

Investing in mobile solutions can increase productivity significantly.Typically, there are two options:
1. A hosted exchange solution where everything is managed for you and your people. All you see are the messages, e-mail messages, data reports, and content that is delivered to your PC or mobile online device as part of your hosting agreement.
2. A mobile information server, which is a full solution. This full solution is managed inside your business or buy a hosted supplier. For a simple monthly fee plus airtime costs, you get everything you require, which includes all the hardware, software, configuration, installation, training, and support.
As your business grows and you perhaps relocate, you simply "unplug" the solution and take it with you.

With no cable to worry about, wireless systems are obviously useful. You can easily add new users to your network, download files and print documents from your laptop or handheld device without any awkward connections. Also you can move around the office and still be connected to the internet a high speed.
Infrared systems allow you to swap data and synchronize calendars between infrared-enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and personal digital assistants without any cable connections. They operate over short-ranges, but can crash if anything interrupts the infrared beam.
Devices that enable Bluetooth are also ways to communicate wirelessly. Bluetooth-enabled PC's, notebooks, PDAs, printers and mobile phones can talk to each other over a short range without any wires. Another wireless technology that offers a range of up to 550 meters is Wi-Fi.
General Packet Radio Services, (GPRS), is a packet-based wireless communication service that provides continuous connection to the internet for mobile phone and computer users. Users are able to take part in video conferences and interact with multimedia websites and similar applications using mobile handheld devices and notebook computers.

Next-generation mobile phones, let users browse the internet in color, make voice calls, send text messages and e-mail messages. Users can also use these phones as digital cameras allowing them to take and send photos with voice messages attached. They also provide video conferencing and enable access to documents, databases and work schedules stored on company intranets and secure websites.

Mobile options give you and your people the resources to work anywhere, at any time and in any way, with speed, freedom, and flexibility. This technology can enable you to:
- Increase productivity.
- Save money on the cost of leasing or renting office space.
- Increase motivation among employees.
- Reduce employee stress levels.
- Reduce the cost of business traveling.
- Improve your company's resilience against weather or transport problems.
- Lessen employee commuting time, along with the cost.
- Offer an attractive proposition when employing new recruits.

The latest features in Microsoft Windows Vista can help your business synchronize files between your devices, and meet with other workers in real time. Vista features a new "Sync Center," which makes it easier to move files, such as documents, pictures, music, and contacts, from the PC to another device, such as a desktop, network server, portable music player digital camera, or mobile phone. The Sync Center can also maintain consistency among two or more versions of the same file stored in different locations.

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