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Microsoft Vista, how much better is it really?

Microsoft Vista, how much better is it really? Overall there are several major functions and features with Window Vista that are significantly better than other operating systems. These features are the Security, the back up and the power saving sleep options.

Lets take a detailed look of why these features are better with Windows Vista.


As with any other operating system, it is still necessary to obtain the use of anti-virus software. However, if you look at the overall security features of Windows Vista, you will find that Microsoft has gone the additional mile to secure what they can in an operating system.

Vista's Windows Defender and the User Account Control should help in the very minimum to let the administrator know when something is going wrong.

Windows Vista is offering advantages over the predecessor Windows XP in the following ways. There is added edge to detecting spy-ware and ad-ware. Without the right software to accompany the Vista software, there were some holes that hackers could get through.

The IE7 in the protected mode has the ability to protect such scripts that run at a very restricted level. Where with XP this was not the case.

The reports that are provided with Vista are very informative and great for protecting your computer and operating system.

With the mobility of our computers and the uses we have today, a higher level of security is needed. Therefore Microsoft has stepped up to meet our mobile needs with better security.

These are features you can expect to see.

- Bit locker
- Boot file integrity checking
- Firewall
- Protection Mode IE

Back up

Windows Vista Backup is a great feature that will save hours of lost data, pictures etc. This awesome feature will make restoring, saving and obtaining files when corruption occurs even easier.

This will create a entire backup of the files, the images on your computer, and make restoring that information even easier. Not so many lost files in the long run.


When you figure that the cost of one computer and monitor running for one year is over $100. You start to think about the power options. This is what Microsoft did. They figured that after one hour of un-use, the Windows Vista program should put the computer to sleep Therefore saving energy. This will not only save you money, but it will also make it easier on the environment.

What is really great about this option with Windows Vista is that you can set it up to continue to update your computer, but sleep for the rest of the time it is inactive.

Sleep mode also offers faster start-ups. Who wants to spend several minutes every morning starting their computer up? However Vista is proven to have a faster boot up even from a cold start.

In addition to these features, you will find that Windows Vista offers a great deal more.

How about the learning handwriting for recognition of the user? This is an amazing technology that makes it easier than ever to communicate, learn and interact with your computer.

The ease of use with Windows Vista has also proven to be targeted at the user pleasure. The complete process from start to go is easier than most. This is another area where Vista takes the cake.

Overall as with any new technology, Vista is better than its predecessor. There may still be some issues that will be fixed in time with updates. However, for the most part this is how you will know that Microsoft Vista really is better.

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