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What you should know about choosing a mic for your video camera

Video camera users report that there are several problems, when they are using the built in the mic, on their digital camcorder. These problems can include but are not limited to: you can record the sounds that you are making, or you can record ambient noise in the background. While a built in mic can work well if you are interviewing someone who is close by, there can be a significant problem with the sound, when you are trying to record anything at a distance. In addition, many digital camcorder users, report that the sound quality of built in mics, is not as good, as when an external mic is being used. Worse yet, using the built in mic, on your digital camcorder can means that you end up taping the noise that is made by the camcorder!The good news is that there are options that are available, to help reduce and even eliminate these problems. Here is what you should know about choosing a mic for your video camera-

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Checking out Apple TV

TV30347107.jpg We have been hearing all about Google TV for months and listening to several companies talk about how they will integrate it with their systems but what about Apple TV? Have you hear about this new TV phenomenon and why it's going to change the way you are watching television.

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How the ViconRevue is changing blogging and photography

stickynotelaptop45383060.jpgTaking pictures is a part of our daily routines and lives.Whether we are documenting our child or children growing up and learning new things or we are out on a construction jobsite taking pictures of the daily progress.These photographs we take can be used for a number of different reasons.There are a lot more people that are taking pictures and downloading them onto a blog that they keep.This blog may be to track how many photographs they take in a day or to show their family and friends how their family is doing.Keeping a blog is a great way to remember the memories you have made and to help track how different parts of your lives are going.

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HD Video on the go with Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder

videocamera45382192.jpgAre you in the market to for a new camcorder?When you have a camcorder to record your family's memories on or your elaborate vacations you take is very important.You are recording memories that you never want to forget.The camcorder needs to be up to date with all the new and upcoming features.You want to be able to view what you have recorded with ease and also be able to move your recordings to different locations on your computer to share with other family and friends.Find a camcorder that is going to work the best for you and what you are looking for as you record your memories.One of the newest camcorders on the market has HD Video that you can use on the go.Get yourself the Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder and have the new and upcoming features already on it.

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Satellite or Cable television?

dish32354063.jpgWith the big switch from analog to digital signals, millions of Americans are being forced to purchase converter boxes to receive their signal. However, if you have cable or satellite television, you don't need to worry about this because the signal is already digital. Satellite and cable television provide clear pictures, more channels to choose from, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. To determine if cable or satellite television is right for you, here is a comparison of the two.

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What you need to know about encoding with digital video

The following is what you need to know about encoding with digital video:

What encoding is: Encoding is the process of electronically "writing" information on magnetic stripes or smart card chips. It is a process where you compress media files for a specific purpose, create a specific file type, then write that file onto something, whether that is a CD, DVD, or tape of some kind.

Once you determine what your purpose for your file is, you can encode a file that is in analog form (such as a VHS tape) or one that is already digital.

So, basically encoding, by definition is the process of converting analog electronic signals into digital format for storage, manipulation, and display by a computer, or the process of converting digital signals into specific formats for those same reasons.

All current formats of encoding are PCM based. So, let's take a look at what that means.

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What storage formats are used for digital video

The following is a comprehensive list of the storage formats used for digital video:

The storage formats used in encoding are listed below along with their most common uses, all of these formats, are PCM based.

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What is progressive scan, and what does it have to do with digital video?

What is progressive scan, and what does it have to do with digital video?

Progressive scan (also called noninterlaced scanning) is any method for displaying, storing, or transmitting moving images. In this form, the lines of each frame are drawn in sequence. So, in other words, they appear on the screen progressively, in order, from top to bottom. And the whole screen appears in less than a second.

The system of progressive scan was originally known as "sequential scanning".

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What image capturing format is best using digital video, interlaced or progressive scan? Why?

What image capturing format is best using digital video, interlaced or progressive scan? Why?

To answer the above question we need to first take a look at the different types of image capturing, with their pros and cons:

Interlaced scanning

What is interlaced scanning?

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What does interlaced image capturing mean, and what does it have to do with digital video?

What does interlaced image capturing mean, and what does it have to do with digital video?

Well, to answer the above question, digital video cameras come in two different image capture formats: interlaced and progressive scan. So, what it has to do with digital video is that it is a format it uses, but for what it is, we need to take closer look. Let's take a look at what interlaced image capturing really is:

What does interlaced image capturing mean?
What is means to capture an image using an interlaced camera is that the camera will record the image in alternating sets of lines. So, it means that the odd-numbered lines are scanned, after which the even-numbered lines are scanned, then the odd-numbered lines are scanned again, and on and on. So, it rotates, and scans in sets. These sets have names, one set is called field, and two fields of opposite parity paired is called a frame.

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Uses of digital video

Before you can look at and really understand the uses of digital video, you need to understand the WHY of going digital.

In comparison to film, the biggest difference of digital is the frames per second. With film recording you shoot at about 24-30 frames per second. With digital video, you get about 60 frames per second, which results in a crisper, cleaner image. So what is being done with this crisper cleaner image?

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Standards for digital video

The standards for digital video depend on what type of digital video camera you have. There are two options for digital video cameras image capture formats: interlaced and progressive scan. Let's take a look at the two and the standards for each.

Interlaced cameras
Such cameras record the image in alternating sets of lines. So, it works like this: the odd-numbered lines are scanned, and then the even-numbered lines are scanned, then the odd-numbered lines are scanned again, and so on. With this method the terms used are the "field" and the "frame". One set of lines (it can be odd or even) is called "field", and a consecutive pairing of two fields of opposite parity is called a "frame".

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Where digital video has come from and where it is going

You probably have at least one piece of digital equipment in your home, but have you ever wondered how such an impressive peeve of technology got its start.If not you may be interested to know that the digital technology that most of us take advantage of in one way or another every day, did not exist 50 years ago.

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What you should know about streaming digital video

Streaming digital video is when a digital video is being continuously transmitted, displayed and received by a receiver.The word "streaming" refers to the method that the media sender is using to continuously make the digital video medium available.A good example of media streaming comes from delivery systems such as radio and television.This method of delivering media means that the digital video is always available, no matter the time of the day.People are excited about streaming video because through the use of streaming digital video almost anything can be viewed in real time.Media lovers can see their favorite bands perform live and important news coverage can be brought to an international online audience in a matter of seconds.Streaming digital video provides us with a way to be at any location where streaming video is set up and see an event unfolding at any time of the day with only a few seconds of delay.

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What you need to know about lighting with digital video

We've all seen the effects of lighting when watching a homemade video.If the sun is directly in the faces of the participants, they can look faded to the point of white.Alternately, if the camera is pointing into the sun, peoples with their backs to the sun turn into faceless shadows.The right lighting can mean the difference between a "homemade" look and a professional look to the video.If the light is just right, the subjects will be clear and the colors will look crisp.Here are a few things that you should know about lighting with digital video to make sure that you always produce high quality videos.

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What equipment do you need for digital video?

Creating a digital video is easier than ever.People who have very little experience with film making, editing and recording are able to operate digital camcorders with relative ease.If you have no interest in learning about editing your films, than the camcorder is all you need to ensure that your memories are preserved forever.However, those who buy digital recorders are usually looking for more options to go along with it.Digital video recorders offer the consumer options that allow them to take their home movies to a whole new level.The equipment that you need for digital video will depend largely on what you intend to do with your digital video after you have filmed it.The less involved your plans are, the less amount of equipment you will need.

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What are the best digital video converters?

Digital video converters are the devices that convert analog videos into video files.This means that you will be able to save existing VHS tapes and DVDs as electronic files.What a wonderful invention for those of us who have boxes of old videos and even Hi8 tapes from the 80s and 90s lying around.

Once you have video stored as an electronic file you will be able to edit and manipulate the videos just like you can any electronic file.This is the technology that censoring companies use to remove "questionable" content from commercial videos.Of course, doing those types of edits requires converting the electronic file back to video or DVD.Fortunately, the technology is available to do this.

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What to look for in a digital video recorder

What to look for in a digital video recorder? OK, we have all heard of the digital video recorders. We also know that they are great and new. So, therefore we all want one, well at least most of us. However, how do you know what is available? Here is some basic ideas that will help you know what to look for in a digital video recorder.

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What you should expect to pay for a quality digital video recorder

What you should expect to pay for a quality digital recorder? There are several different prices for different types of quality digital video recorders. Depending on name brand, specs and video results is what will dictate the price you should expect to pay.

The prices will vary from $100-3000 for different styles, with different options and benefits. It is a good idea to look up a few different digital recorders to find out what the different ones offer. Here is what you will be looking at that will cause some variance in price.

When you are looking at the different DVD formats, the prices will vary with these formats. Here are some options to look at. DVD+R, DVD+RDL, DVDR, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD R-RW, DVD+R/RW.

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Viewing digital video over the web

Digital video makes recording and sending digital messages easier than every before.With digital video recording we can record special moments, edit them on our home computers and send them to relatives in any part of the world via the internet.It is truly amazing!You may have friends or family members that do this type of digital viewing online all the time.But for many people viewing digital video online is a new thing.

Whether you want to post your digital videos online or you want to make and edit videos to copy to DVD and send out via standard mail services, there are a few things that you are likely to do first.As someone who may be just starting out with their digital video camera there are some basic tips to keep in mind before you start doing the more advanced things such as viewing and posting digital video of the web.You must first learn how to use your digital video recorder and how to supplement your video with features of editing.

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Using digital video surveillance systems

As computer technology becomes more common, specialized machinery becomes more available.At one time digital video surveillance was something reserved for big companies and members of the CIA.Today, video surveillance equipment is widespread and available for things like monitoring the baby's room and home security.Furthermore, the digital video technology enables you to check your cameras from any computer with a web connection.That means that if you want to check on your kids and the nanny from your laptop in Cancun, you just log on and see what's happening.

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Using digital video cameras to shoot and produce wedding videos

You've got yourself a fancy new video camera and now you've been "volunteered" to shoot a friend's wedding.Are you ready for this?What kind of things do you need to consider when shooting a wedding video?I hope that this article will offer you several suggestions.

Know your equipment-this seems logical enough but how well do you really know your equipment?Will you be able to splice the sound files from a cordless mic onto the video files from your camera?Do you know all you light settings and white setting? Does your camera beep to let you know when the memory card is full?You should learn to turn off any sounds your camera might make.Do a practice run before the wedding to make sure you will not encounter any technical difficulties that you haven't thought of.

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Using cordless mics for digital video

Maybe you have recently purchased a camcorder and you have discovered that the audio provided from the built-in mic is less than spectacular.Maybe you are thinking to purchase a digital video camera and you want to research all of your options.Either way, you will want to consider using a cordless mic for shooting videos.

Cordless mics are invaluable when shooting events like wedding.The recommend way to get good sound when you are capturing the vows is to "mic the groom".By placing a small, wireless mic on the groom, you will be able to get great sound with no messy cords or cumbersome hand-held microphones.

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Understanding zoom on your digital video camera

There are two different types of zoom available on digital video cameras.These two kinds of zoom are digital zoom and optical zoom and although both will make the image appear larger on your screen or monitor, they are totally different creatures and should definitely not be used interchangeably.Similarly, the value of digital zoom and the value of optical zoom when you are looking to buy a camera are not the same at all.

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Tips for professional looking digital video

There is a moment where each of us has picked up a video camera with the intention of creating a video that was really great.Unfortunately instead of great movies we have home videos and there is an obvious difference.You know that you aren't really looking to become the next famous cinematographer; you just want your digital videos to look more professional than they do now.Fortunately there are some easy tips that you can follow to bring your digital videos up a level.

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The leaders in digital video, what sets them apart?

Digital video encompasses a wide range of features.Digital video may start with a camera or a camcorder but it can grow in sophistication to include digital equipment and suppliers for large budget films or digital video used for military purposes.In some cases our very lives depend on medical equipment that works digitally or has some sort of digital image display.Leaders in digital video are difficult to narrow down because of all the different digital video mediums available.

Many specialties have emerged as a result of the demand for all things digital.There are digital video technologies that offer professional solutions for organizing, presenting and storing corporate information for every profession from investors to journalists to aspiring producers.There are also digital video leaders in the broadcast and production solutions genre.These digital video leaders bring you the digital video that you may not even notice as you are watching your favorite television program or renting a movie.If you own a company where digital information is key to day-to-day business, you know that there are leaders in digital video server systems.For example, thousands of deployments of digital video systems are needed to bring the public their video-on-demand requests.Digital media adapters are necessary for some forms of digital video production and you can bet that there are industry leaders for that too.As you could probably guess, the list of specialties goes on and on.

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The history of digital video

Digital video has become something that we are used to seeing on a regular basis.Digital video also has a place in many of our households.Many of us own small digital cameras or digital camcorders.We have the means by which we can take amazing photos from devices that would fit inside a pocket.But ask your parents or grandparents about what kind of digital innovations they had and they may tell you that the word itself did not exist.

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The basics of digital video

Here is a list of the basics of digital video. As you start exploring the world of digital video, you tend to hear all kinds of new words, jargon and terminology. With this in mind, it is important to learn as much as you can about the basics.

These basics will help you to decipher through all the information, and get to what you need. That way you can get to take the videos your family wants.

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Pros and cons of digital video

What are the pros and cons of digital video? Digital video is a great technology that has been able to bring us a ton of benefits in the video world. However as with anything, there are both pros and cons involved. Here is a brief review of those pros and cons.

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Professional uses of digital video

Perhaps you have a digital camcorder and you are thinking of using it to make a little money.You know that there are video making jobs but you are just looking for some freelance work to have fun and make a little money with your camera.There are a couple of places that you might look to do exactly that.

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Professional advice on shooting footage with a digital video recorder

When we watch movies or television shows the manner in which the film is taped and edited seems so effortless. Yet when we amateurs go out and try to film a simple home video we cannot even do that half way decently.What is so hard about video taping?Well, just like anything in life practice makes perfect.Of course a couple of handy gadgets and some advice do not hurt.Digital video recorders open up a whole new world of possibilities that were not present for use when we had just the traditional camcorders.Some of us just need a little help.

Below you will find some tips from professionals on how you can shoot better digital video footage.By following these and other suggestions, you are guaranteed to at least make improvements even if you aren't hired to film Hollywood's next big blockbuster.

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Personal uses of digital video

Maybe you have recently purchased a digital video camera and you are wondering what all you can do with it.Maybe you are considering purchasing a video camera and you want to know ho much you will use it.There a limitless possibilities for things that you might do with your video camera.

New parents might be some of the biggest users of video.If you have a new baby, you can video everything from the delivery room to the first steps.The great thing about digital video is that it is so easy to edit.Maybe you get over exuberant and take hours of video of the baby's first trip to the park.You can edit the footage down to just the highlights by simply pointing and clicking.Videoing your young family is a great way to preserve and to share memories.If Grandma and Grandpa live far away, they can watch your baby grow up by sharing video.Granted, it's not as good as actually cuddling and cooing with a new baby, but it is quite a bit more realistic than still pictures.

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Night shots using digital video

The main time to think about taking night video is when purchasing your digital video camcorder.Some video cameras are just better at shooting at night or in low-light conditions.Others offer what amounts to an automatic flash because the LCD screen can light up at night.One of the considerations you will want to make when buying your camera is how it does at night.Another you will want to make is what kind of lighting accessories are available for your camera.No matter what camera you buy, here are a few things that you can do to improve your nighttime videos.

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Mega Pixels and digital video

If you are looking to buy a digital video recorder, you will be faced with a lot of new and confusing features, acronyms, and numbers.Some of this confusion surrounds the number of mega pixels per square inch that your camera is able to record.

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Tips for making the most of your digital video

To make the most of your digital video there are some basic requirements that need to be met. After you meet these basic requirements you can move forward confident that you will be successful at the video projects you take upon.

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