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What to look for in a digital video recorder

What to look for in a digital video recorder? OK, we have all heard of the digital video recorders. We also know that they are great and new. So, therefore we all want one, well at least most of us. However, how do you know what is available? Here is some basic ideas that will help you know what to look for in a digital video recorder.

There are DVR or digital video recorders available through many cable, and satellite companies. These are available usually for a small fee of around $4.99. If you are choosing to go with them, then there is a little less information that you will need to look at because they only offer a few brands.

DirecTV and Dish Network have the DVRs build right in to their satellite receivers. The great part about this is that one box means that you will have fewer connections, less wires, less mess and less hassle. The model that DirecTV uses is the TiVo. The TiVo runs in price right around $499 with rebate. When you go through Dish Network, they offer several different DVR models to choose from. In addition to this many cable companies are starting to also offer these DVR benefits.

The next thing to look at is if you are going to go HD or High Definition, DVR. The HDTV makes it available for you to record your high definition videos. There are stand-alone HD DVRs available like the Sony DHG-HDD250 that will run you around $800 or the DHG-HDD500 for a little more. Another option for DVRs is Replay TV for power users.

You're going to be looking for the amount of hours that your digital video recorder can record and store. This means in both standard recordings and high definition. This will depend greatly on the size of the hard drive you are looking at.This size for the hard drive is right around 100-250 GB of hard drive space. 1 GB of hard drive space equals 1 hour of recording at a good quality.

In addition the time you can record, there are also modes you can record in. These are 1/2/4 and 6 hour modes. In the 4 or 6-hour mode, you will get a lower quality of recording. Therefore if it is a regular television show, that you are not that concerned about the quality, then the 4 or 6 hour is fine. However if you want higher quality stick with the 1 or 2 hour.

The basic time shifting for recording is standard. This means that you can set up the recording to happen at a later time. However, it will depend on the time that you are looking at between setting the recording up and the actual recording taking place.

There is also single and dual-tuners available. The way this works is that if you have the dual-tuner, you can record either two recordings at once, or watch one movie, while recording on a different channel. If you only have a single tuner, then the recording will happen on what ever channel you are watching.

There are many great things about digital video recorders, however remember that when you are recording a great deal, if you run out of hard drive space, you will be forced to delete some movies or recordings, in order to get more. However with the new options available. You can record DVDs right from your DVR recordings.

These are the basics to know what to look for when you are ready to get your DVR. Now the rest is up to you. Enjoy the next level of entertainment.

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