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Viewing digital video over the web

Digital video makes recording and sending digital messages easier than every before.With digital video recording we can record special moments, edit them on our home computers and send them to relatives in any part of the world via the internet.It is truly amazing!You may have friends or family members that do this type of digital viewing online all the time.But for many people viewing digital video online is a new thing.

Whether you want to post your digital videos online or you want to make and edit videos to copy to DVD and send out via standard mail services, there are a few things that you are likely to do first.As someone who may be just starting out with their digital video camera there are some basic tips to keep in mind before you start doing the more advanced things such as viewing and posting digital video of the web.You must first learn how to use your digital video recorder and how to supplement your video with features of editing.

The best thing to remember when you first get started is to film a lot and then cut down on your footage during the editing process.When you plan on posting some of your video online, your audience will be most interested in seeing the highlights of the trip you took or the trick that your kids performed.Keep it short and sweet and use only the best material you have.Additionally it is important to keep internet bound materials as small as possible because of the memory and time that it will take to upload the video.Depending on internet speed, your viewers may have to wait a long time before your digital video is available for viewing if you have not kept it to a few minutes in length.If you choose to make your digital video available online there are some technical things that you will need to know.

First you must compress your videos and convert them to the right web format.Usually the digital video editing program that you have will help you through this process.Your web format for your video will depend on what program you are using.For example, Windows Media is represented by ".wmv", QuickTime by ".mov", or Flash by ".swf".It is best to also pick a slow frame rate and/or a small playback window size in case there are viewers who will not have a high speed broadband connection.

Next you need a site that will host your video. There are packages that you can buy that have this website hosting included in the editing package or you can find a website that will host your digital video for free. Several web sites will compress and host your video for free after you register and agree to the terms of the site.You Tube, Ourmedia, and Google Video are among such sites.

You can also send video via e-mail.Although some pieces of software compress your material for you, you want to make sure that the video you send is not going to be so large that it overloads the recipient's inbox.When sent properly all the receiver need to do is click on the e-mail attachment to view your video.

Of course it is much easier to view digital video than to get it ready for viewing through the internet.Yet with some guidance and practice it is not an insurmountable task.Within minutes your home videos can be viewed by people whose distance permits them from being there to share your social moments with you in person.

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