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What are the best digital video converters?

Digital video converters are the devices that convert analog videos into video files.This means that you will be able to save existing VHS tapes and DVDs as electronic files.What a wonderful invention for those of us who have boxes of old videos and even Hi8 tapes from the 80s and 90s lying around.

Once you have video stored as an electronic file you will be able to edit and manipulate the videos just like you can any electronic file.This is the technology that censoring companies use to remove "questionable" content from commercial videos.Of course, doing those types of edits requires converting the electronic file back to video or DVD.Fortunately, the technology is available to do this.

There are digital video converters available for under $50.00; however, the lower priced models are plagued with software problems, bugs, and glitches.In order to get a decent quality converter that will do the things you will want it to do you will need to pay around $200-$300.

FireWire is the main connection that feeds the recording from a camcorder onto a personal computer.FireWire offers three good quality digital converters that convert in both directions (from analog to digital and back to analog).These converters are:

  • Pyro A/V Link ($200)
  • DAC-100 ($200)
  • Directors' Cut Take 2 ($300)

These three products all have great software, meaning that you will be able to do what you set out to do without a lot of technical headaches.The softwares are user friendly and there are no drivers to install.Less expensive converters require drivers, which form an overly complicated intermediate step in converting video.When using the three converters listed above you simply plug in your camera or VCR.

Any of these products will produce great quality sounds and images.The DAC-100 and the Director's Cut Take 2 are rated slightly higher on image because the images created by Pyro A/V Link look slightly off color when viewed on a standard (not high definition) television screen.

Another converter that might be of interest is the Canopus ADVC55.This converter gets awesome reviews and can be purchased for around $250.The biggest drawback is that it is a one-way converter.This means that you can covert analog files into digital files but that you can't convert digital into analog.If you don't need two-way conversions you will find that the ADVC55 is one of the most user-friendly converters.It is also one of the smallest converters and won't clutter up your desk as bad as the bulkier models.The picture on the ADV55 is noticeably superior to the other models.

Canopus also makes an ADVC100 for $300 dollars that is a 2-way converter.It is an older model than the ADV55 and doesn't offer the some of the more advanced features but it has been rated as one of the best 2-way converters for its price.

Of course, there are other popular names in the field on digital converters.Plextor makes converters in every price range.Canopus makes plenty of different models as well.What is important when shopping for the best video converter is to find out what consumers are saying about the product you plan on buying.Do some price checking and read the reviews to make sure that you end up with the best possible converter for your money.

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