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Advertising, marketing, and promoting, what is the difference

For those of you who are new to marketing you might not know or understand that there is a difference between advertising, marketing, and promoting. In fact even people who have some kind of experience in marketing might not realize that there is a difference. But the thing is that the difference between these three subjects is not very big so sometimes it is hard to convince people that there is a difference. But regardless of how subtle the difference is there is a difference between these three words, even if their main objective is pretty much the same thing. But in order to understand what the difference is between advertising, marketing, and promoting you are going to first need to understand what each of these terms are.

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Why you should use a sales motivational speaker.

Why should you use a sales motivational speaker You do this because you want to train a team that has great enthusiasm. A motivational speaker has the ability to make people motivated. They use the well-honed skills, personality and professional platform skills to get the attention of the audience and teach them about the subject at hand.

A good motivational speaker has the ability to help people feel like their goals are within reach. If you watch a football game in a movie, at half time a coach will go in and give one of two motivational speeches. You are getting your butt kicked, and you can do better. Or, you are doing great, now hold them where they stand. Whichever speech they give, the motivation that comes from a good coach can make or break any game.

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Why the right sales trainer makes all the difference.

Why the right sales trainer makes all the difference. The right sales trainer is imperative if you want people to pay attention to what you want to teach them. If you have ever been in a class that was very boring, you know how hard it is to pay attention. We have all been there.

If you will think about the teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off from 1986, you might remember the way that Economics teacher (Ben Stein) sounded. When he said Bueller, Bueller, at the time of the role call. It was the most boring sound.

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Why higher quality training means higher volume sales.

Why higher quality training means higher volume sales. Sales as a profession, is one that people are born into. However, even if you are a natural sales person, it still takes training to start you on the road of success.

As with professional sports, great athletes are not great until they have received the training needed from a great coach and trainers. In order to create the highest volume of sales possible, sales people need to receive a higher level of quality training.

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When you know it is time to hire a motivational speaker for your sales team training.

When you know it is time to hire a motivational speaker for your sales team training. A motivational speaker can take a meeting that is mediocre and turn it into an eye popping, ear hearing, and informational soaking event.

That is what is usually the goal for sales team training. However, if you look out at the people you are training, and they are falling asleep, not getting the point, and not enjoying the training you are trying to conduct, it may be time to get a motivational trainer.

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What you should never do in sales training

What you should never do during sales training. In order for sales training to be successful there are certain things that should never happen. Consider the fact that the sell of a product or service usually happens because the customer needs the product, wants the product or just likes the sales person.

With this in mind, you can guess that at least 1/3 of the sells that happen, are because the salesperson did a great job. Therefore a salesperson needs to be enthusiastic, happy, knowledgeable, and motivated to do their job.

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Using incentive and training to motivate your sales team.

Using incentive and training to motivate your sales team. The reason why the use of incentive and training works to motivate a sales team, is because these things makes a sales person feel valuable, motivated and successful.

Using incentive to help motivate a sales team works in a couple different ways. First of all, the sales person wants to work to gain the incentive. This is both for a financial reason and or personal gain. Next incentive makes a sales person feel more motivated because they feel that they are appreciated in a physical manner.

It is within the processes of human nature that people are motivated by incentive. This idea states that if a specific action is wanted, then using incentive will motivate a person toward that action.

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Sales training products, everything you need to know.

Sales training products, everything you need to know. Sales training is essential to a successful sale team. Therefore the products you use to emphasize the training and its affect of the people being trained is as essential to that success. However how do you know what is the best sales training products for the training you need to accomplish.

With the individual teams having specific needs for their training, there is one of two ways to handle this. You can hire a professional service to plan out your training and the products you will use. Or, you can research the training yourself, and find the products that will compliment the training. This really is easier than it sounds.

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Sales management training, how to do it right.

What is good sales management training, and how to do it right Sales management training will give a sales management team the tools, knowledge and confidence to be able to manage a sales team with success.

When you obtain good sales management training, you will be empowering your sales team manager to be able to proactively motivate and manage a sales team to obtain a higher volume of sales.

This is what will be the result of using good sales management training.

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Putting together and training a kick butt sales team.

Putting together and training a kick butt sales team. How your sales team functions will dictate the success of your business and profits. This means that in order to have a great business you need a kick butt sales team. How do you get that sales team though This is what many businesses are trying to find the answer to.

The answer really lies in the way your sales team is trained and treated. A great sales team will be able to make tons of sales, even with a mediocre product. On the other hand, a bad sales team will create poor results with even a great product. Therefore the importance lies with creating a great sales team.

In order to put together and train a kick butt sales team, you have to start with a great trainer. The trainer you use for training needs to convey an enthusiastic attitude about the product that is being sold. This needs to go along with a positive attitude about their job, and finally a want to help other people succeed.

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Make your sales training a huge success.

How to make your sales training a huge success Sales training is imperative to the success of a good sales team. The sales team is what will get the deals that are required for the profit of a company. That profit is what makes a company successful. So, with this in mind we can see how important it is to make the sales training you have a huge success.

How do you do that though That is a great question. The right trainer is going to be your first step. Even with awesome information, representation, and tools, the wrong trainer can put your trainees to sleep.

Hiring a good trainer will take a little work, but the right trainer will be able to make your sales training a huge success. The higher amount of enthusiasm you are able to instill in the team being trained, the more enthusiasm the salespeople will take to your customers.

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How to be the best in your industry through great motivational training.

Here is how to be the best in your industry through great motivational training. Motivational training can take an average sales person and turn them into an expert. Getting the most sells is a goal for all motivated salespeople. The question is, what motivates a person, and what motivational training does to create a higher level of success.

There are tons of motivational stories out there, stories of people who have achieved above average and better than the rest performance. However, how will great motivational training help you to accomplish this level of achievement in the industry

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Getting tons of sells using only cold calls only.

Getting tons of sells using cold calls only. Cold calling is one of the best ways to generate sells. The reason is that customers do not always come to you, flyers do not always get read, and even commercials are usually ignored. However having a live professional on the phone does tend to get a little more attention.

In order to get tons of sells with cold calls, there needs to be an affective plan, and training followed through with. This is important because even great salespeople could have problems with cold calling.

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Enhancing your sales training with products and presentation.

Enhancing your sales training with products and presentation. The way you present your products and information at your sales training will either produce a great result or an average result.

The difference is whether you have gotten the product in the mind of the people you are training with a fantastic presentation that included the products. Or, if you have simply shown them what it is all about, but not really presented the products in a fashion that will be embedded in their minds.

So what makes the difference This is the question that has to be asked in order to find out what works. The main thing is to build a presentation of the information you are trying to train about that includes products that make it interesting.

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Choosing the right sales training products for your team.

Choosing the right sales training products for your team. This is an important step to making sure that your sells team is a success. Each team has different types of products or services they sale. Therefore there is usually a variation of the type of traiuning that is needed to obtain the highest performance and sales.

However, regardless of the type of team and type of sales you are working, there are some basics to keep in mind. These basics will help you to know what type of training products that if focused on can help with overall sales.

This is why it is not the name brand, or what is most recommended by so and so. Rather, it is more what fits your team, and what will be the areas you want to focus on.

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Using webinars for marketing pros and cons

There are many ways to market products, businesses and services in this day in age. Affiliate marketing, or advertising over the internet is taking the world by storm. There are many different ways to market on the internet. One way to market is the use of webinars. There are many great reasons to use webinars as a source for marketing, but there can also be a number of negative things involved with it as well. Let's take a look at using webinars for marketing and the pros and cons associated with it.

A webinar is a type of a live web conference where one speaker speaks to the audience. There is limited audience interaction, but it can include having a question and answer session to allow participation with the audience and the speaker. Typically webinars are live where information is conveyed with an agenda. Some cases the presenter speaks over a telephone line as they present their material and the audience can respond over speakerphone.

The purpose of using webinars for marketing is to build awareness of your company, present your company as a leader in your business and to help generate sales. Your webinars, if set up properly can be very successful.

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The Get Dangerous Quickly Approach to Product/Service Training

In 2000 a computer distributor hired me to help them build a
software specialist sales team. The distributor had more than 100
"generalist" salespeople, but these salespeople were doing a poor
job of selling software. The distributor's management felt a team
of specialists could help jump-start growth in software sales.

This was a very interesting project for several reasons. First,
the distributor had SIXTEEN software products in its portfolio.

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Be Patient Nah, Let's Kill Something.

There's the old joke about the two buzzards sitting in a tree overlooking a highway. One responds to the other, "Be patient I'm hungry. Let's kill something." Just like that buzzard, it is not in the nature of most marketers to be patient for business to grow. They want to go out and "kill something," too.

The trouble is that most marketers go after new business the wrong way. They want to "take down" the new piece of business using all the tools of the trade from advertising and direct mail to cold calling and event marketing. This is an expensive way to drum up business. Your existing clients are just waiting to tell you about people they know who could use your services, and then help sell you in to these people they refer. Not only is this more cost effective, it practically guarantees the prospects will share the same characteristics of your best customers.

"OK, Harry," you're asking, "but how do I do it"

The first rule of getting referrals: ask. When should you ask Let's review.

- After your customer has purchased something from you is a great time to ask. The new customer is pumped up about your offering and you can harness that energy by asking for names of others who could beneft from doing business with you.

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6 Steps to Using Trade Magazines to Reach Customers

When developing a publicity campaign for their business many owners overlook the importance of trade magazines and journals as vehicles for reaching new customers. While mass media publications have widespread readership, the targeted nature of trade publications make the information that appears within them even more powerful.

Unlike general interest publications, readers of trade magazines and journals already have an established interesting a specific subject. for example, it is safe to assume that readers of American Printer are generally people who work in or have an interest in that subject.

Writing a how-to-article that appears in a trade publication establishes your business as an "expert" in that specific area. Think about it -reading an article written by your company in trade magazines provides a different level of exposure and a new image of your business to potential customers.

Here are a six guidelines for writing material for trade magazines:

1. Familiarize yourself with trade magazines in your industry - Trade magazines usually publish industry news, case studies and educational articles. New is primarily written by the editors. Case studies and educational articles are available for contributing authors. case studies describe how a service solved a particular problem. Educational articles teach the reader how to do a particular job or activity. These two types can be great in establishing additional credibility among potential customers, portraying the author as an "expert" in that area.

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Look Closer at Buying Psychology

Creating a buying psychology in your prospect's mind has become the focus on neuro-linguistic marketing. And top marketing firms are now in full center of attention to utilize these surprising new discoveries. And so are you.

Why This Breakthrough is So Important

According to Media Post, this major paradigm shift towards the neurosciences for advertising effectiveness is an historical event. The old methods have "expired" and the new neuro-scientific approach is a key to the future of buyer influence.

Source: https://www.mediapost.com/dtls_dsp_news.cfmnewsID=248821

"Zaltman, whose work is influencing the advertising plans of Procter and Gamble, General Motors, IBM and others, said the shift that has taken place in neuroscience over the last ten years suggests that much of the "tacit or explicit knowledge" that Madison Avenue has about the way consumers process advertising "has expired.""

Not only does this ratify the neurological approach to advertising influence but also suggests that direct brain and nervous system influence can be achieved via the mass media. The question to you as a marketer is

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Generate Sales with Lead Generation Marketing Tools

One of the best projects to undertake as an online marketer is to master the art of generating sales from your warm market contacts. A warm market is simply people who have already been exposed to your business and marketing plan. It can be described as "breaking the ice" with your potential customers. The best way to generate a warm market is with lead generation marketing tools.

A marketing tool is a tool that people use to create what we call lead prosperity. If you are not in lead prosperity, you are not making money with your online business. With lead generation marketing tools you may decide to create several lead capture pages which are designed to generate interest from prospects on your business. The pages will contain a place to enter their contact information i.e. (name, telephone number, and email). This is also called a lead capture form.

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7 Psychological Triggers for Unlimited Sale

Did you know that there are specific psychological triggers you can use to influence the decisions of peoples and persuade them to buy what you are selling

By knowing and using these psychological triggers you will have an edge on your competitions and make more sales in the process.

Here are 7 psychological triggers you can start using in your sales letter today!

Psychological trigger #1: BE SPECIFIC

It's important to be as specific as possible. Why! Because it make your information more believable and credible. For example: Don't say that you are in your late twenties, say that you are 28 years old or 29. Be specific! Don't be vague!

Psychological trigger #2: CURIOSITY

We are all curious! It's human nature! So, we need to used this trigger to attract more peoples to see or read what we have to offer them. For example: "What is the best way to attract loyal customers" Are you not curious to find out what the answer is!

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Want More Sales Write A Barry Bonds Sales Letter

Anyone may use this article free of charge, provided the artticle is not altered and the resource box remains intact.

I'm not a baseball fan. Never have been. In fact, I hate the sport. However, I am a Barry Bonds fan. Here's why: Barry Bonds possesses the exact same intangibles every great sales letter possesses. He's loyal, consistent, powerful, and hits a ton of home runs, year after year after year! Those are all things that great sales letters do and have done from the very beginning.

And believe it or not, of all the aforementioned intangibles, the number one intangible is loyalty. All great sales letters remain loyal to one of the oldest of all copywriting basics: the AIDA formula!

You MUST write every single sales letter using the following classic AIDA formula. If you are loyal to the formula, the consistency, power and home runs will follow. That's a proven fact. Here's the formula:

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The 10 Secrets to Success in Selling

What makes the difference between those who are wildly successful in sales, and those who aren't Is it true that salespeople are born, and not made Do you look at those who are successful and figure that they're just lucky, or that they have better connections than you do

Well, think again. True success in sales, or in any endeavor for that matter, comes from a clear sense of what you are trying to achieve, knowing what really matters to you, and then charting a course to make it happen. Those who appear to be lucky are usually those who have ignited their inner flame and regularly take action to put their dreams and ideas into action.

Here are 10 secrets that, if you follow them, will put you on the road to ultimate success.

1. Commit to become outstanding in your field.

Success comes from excellence and continual improvement - making small and continual improvements on a regular basis leads to exponential results.

Make that commitment to yourself, and take action on a regular basis. First, start by taking an honest assessment of yourself. What areas are you not as strong in as you would like to be Some things to look at, and ask:

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Dealing with Fear and Hesitancy

The only thing predictable is unpredictability. As a trainer and coach to sales professionals across the country, I've seen some trends we all need to be more aware of.

Fear and hesitancy can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for both us, and our customers! We have an important role as catalysts of our customers' perceptions and actions. If you allow their actions to be controlled by fearful "what ifs," you're doing them, your employer, and yourself a disservice. Second, if you spread doom and gloom, you'll be inflicting one person's reluctance (as well as your own) on another.

The definition of our work, our job descriptions and our responsibilities has dramatically changed. And we'd better be ready. First, some fast "101." Selling isn't solving a shipping problem, and popping in once a week ‘just in case' the client wants to see us (which we usually do more for our own sake than theirs). Selling, REAL selling, is:

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Copywriting Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

I was in shock. Honestly, I shook my head when I read his email. I meant no disrespect; I just couldn't believe he really felt that way.

"Karon, I want you to write the sales letter for my site. How much will it cost me" read his note. After looking at his home page and evaluating his target audience, I didn't feel a sales letter would be the best type of copy for his site. When I sent him my suggestion he replied with something along the lines of, "No sales letter What other kind of copy is there"

Was he a fan of sales letters No, not especially. Did his question come with a sarcastic tone No, it was a genuine question. A lot of what he had been exposed to online was sales letters. So much so that he thought this was the *only* type of copy to have on a website. That's what all the "gurus" were telling him, so it must be true. Even though he had been to countless sites that did not have sales letters, he never realized the differences.

I pointed him to several sites that had a wide range of copy to show him some of the other styles.

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Profitable Sales Don't Happen on the First Try

Profitable Sales opportunities mean persistance with customers.

It's easy to get discouraged when you make your best effort for
a great sale and you're met with a dead-set "no." But don't let
it get you down. In actuality, 97% of all sales are not made
within the first pitch. In fact, it takes an average of five
to ten exposures - also known as follow-ups - to persuade your
prospect to make the first sale.

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3 Mindset Changes To Increase Your Sales And Profits

By Noel Peebles

1. Consumers Are Individual Customers

The idea of mass marketing to consumers is outdated. Consumers are individuals and deserve to be called customers. The days are gone when marketers can think of consumers as a mass audience to "push" advertising out to. In fact, wise marketers will remove the word "consumers" from their vocabulary altogether.

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