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Using webinars for marketing pros and cons

There are many ways to market products, businesses and services in this day in age. Affiliate marketing, or advertising over the internet is taking the world by storm. There are many different ways to market on the internet. One way to market is the use of webinars. There are many great reasons to use webinars as a source for marketing, but there can also be a number of negative things involved with it as well. Let's take a look at using webinars for marketing and the pros and cons associated with it.

A webinar is a type of a live web conference where one speaker speaks to the audience. There is limited audience interaction, but it can include having a question and answer session to allow participation with the audience and the speaker. Typically webinars are live where information is conveyed with an agenda. Some cases the presenter speaks over a telephone line as they present their material and the audience can respond over speakerphone.

The purpose of using webinars for marketing is to build awareness of your company, present your company as a leader in your business and to help generate sales. Your webinars, if set up properly can be very successful.

Here are some pros to using webinars for marketing:

Webinars save money.
According to a research done, 61% of all companies are using webinars to reduce the number of in-person events. Studies say that some companies who launched webinar programs saved 75% on event expenses. Webinars can cost less than 25 cents per minute. That is a much more feasible way of presenting than the cost of flying in presenters, renting a conference room and equipment, and providing the all needed refreshments.

Webinars reach more people.
Most the business people such as, recommenders, and decision makers don't have the time or permission to attend a conference or a trade show. Webinars allow them to listen when they desire, especially if it has been pre-recorded and they can watch at their convenience. Your audience and presenters can simply participate from their desks or their home offices.

They require less time.
Webinars require less time to all involved. It is easier to get attendees to commit to attending your webinar when it is only about an hour long. This is way more appealing than sitting through a daunting conference that can last for hours

Good for buyers.
Buyers can learn about products without having to deal with salespeople. A recent survey found that 86% of all viewers will watch as many or more webinars in the next year than they did in the past year. Another survey performed showed 83% found webinars convenient; and 66% time effective and only 7% found webinars a waste of time. These surveys clearly show that webinars are highly effective and convenient for buyers.

Webinars increase sales.
Trying to close sales for most expensive products and services usually requires approval of the company's budget personnel and other users. This sometimes takes more time and complication than buyers want to deal with. Webinars create an efficient and quick way to educate and also convince those interested in purchasing your goods.

Now, let's take a look at the cons to using webinars for marketing:

Increase of additional costs.
There are more added costs when dealing with the recording technology to produce a professional webinar. High quality usually requires a specific computer and phone line just for that purpose.

More needed promotion.
Without continually promoting your webinar, nobody will participate in the viewing. You will need to start promoting your marketing webinar at least 2-3 weeks before it is scheduled to show.
You should advertise on visible and high visited parts of your website. You can also ask staff members to include email footers that remind and promotes the webinar. Publishing a newsletter can also be a good way to promote your webinar.

You may have less attention.
You may not have participants' undivided attention if you use a webinar. It's a lot easier for attendees' to be interrupted by staff or colleagues. They can also be distracted by telephones or by email during your webinar.

So, is using webinars for marketing a good choice for you? Take into consideration the pros and cons of marketing through using webinars before you make your decision. There are plenty of marketing techniques and other things to consider and you want to make sure you are marketing in the best way possible for your business. Take a look at using webinars for your next marketing plan, it may just be the right fit for you.

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