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What you should never do in sales training

What you should never do during sales training. In order for sales training to be successful there are certain things that should never happen. Consider the fact that the sell of a product or service usually happens because the customer needs the product, wants the product or just likes the sales person.

With this in mind, you can guess that at least 1/3 of the sells that happen, are because the salesperson did a great job. Therefore a salesperson needs to be enthusiastic, happy, knowledgeable, and motivated to do their job.

Now in all reality, it does not matter if a customer needs a service or product, or if they just want it, because with poor sales service and customer service, that customer will go someplace else.

That is why it is more important than ever for the sales training to be conducted in a professional and positive manner. The wrong sales training will not only produce mediocre sales people at best, but usually end up having an attrition rate of roughly 50% before the salespeople even make it to the customers.

The main way to prevent these statistics from becoming part of your company numbers and concerns, it would be beneficial to have your sales trainers and managers to sit down and have a complete understanding of what not to do, in sales training.

What not to do:

  • Do not punish in public
  • Do not loose focus of professionalism and goals
  • Do not allow for negative comments to continue
  • Do not participate or allow teasing or derogatory comments be made toward any other participant in the training
  • Do not let the training become mundane and boring
  • Never allow fear talk to happen. This talk will not only discourage the person that is talking about it have more fear, but it will also breed fear in others in the room.
  • If a trainer or manager is not able to do their job by portraying a positive and enthusiastic message to the salespeople who are in the training, then they should not be there
  • Never allow fear or belittling to be a managing factor in the training
Anything that causes a negative atmosphere in sales training can result in a complete failure of the training itself. This is why it is so important to make the most of your training by keeping it positive.

The training should include:

  • Positive interaction
  • Coaching during and after the training
  • Expectations that are clear and attainable
  • Goals that are equal for all in the training
  • Motivational tools that are both monetary and verbal
  • Fun and interesting subjects
  • Good information about the product and service
  • A great trainer, with a positive attitude and is enthusiastic about helping others learn
  • Culpability for what is being trained

It is beneficial to the sales person, the sales team and the company, for the training to be handled in a professional and motivational manner. This will provide a basis under any type of selling program for these salespeople to be the most successful possible.

Therefore in order to make the most of the financial decision of having sales training, it is imperative that the sales training plan is created and followed. This will help to make sure the information is gotten out there, even in the instance of a bad day.

With a sales training plan in place, it is less likely that the things that should never happen in sales training will ever happen.

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