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Using incentive and training to motivate your sales team.

Using incentive and training to motivate your sales team. The reason why the use of incentive and training works to motivate a sales team, is because these things makes a sales person feel valuable, motivated and successful.

Using incentive to help motivate a sales team works in a couple different ways. First of all, the sales person wants to work to gain the incentive. This is both for a financial reason and or personal gain. Next incentive makes a sales person feel more motivated because they feel that they are appreciated in a physical manner.

It is within the processes of human nature that people are motivated by incentive. This idea states that if a specific action is wanted, then using incentive will motivate a person toward that action.

There are many different forms of incentive. It can be small, or large. The main thing is what is the value that the person receiving that incentive. For example: how many of us would drive clear across town to get a specific dish they have at a specific restaurant? The incentive is that we like that dish. Therefore the drive is not of consequence. The specific dish is more important.

Therefore whatever the incentive is that is chosen to motivate a sales team, it should be something that the sales team should find valuable. The best way to find out what incentive will motivate a sales team, it is important to research what the people on the team would be motivated with.

Training is another way to motivate a sales team. This is because proper training can take a good sales person and make them great. A great sales person makes more sales, in turn making more money, and gaining more incentive.

The other thing about sales training is that it empowers the sales person to be knowledgeable about the products they are selling. When the sales person knows about what they are selling, it is more likely that they will have the confidence to sell the product. When a person sales confident and knowledgeable, the customers will more than likely purchase from them. This is because people like to buy from people they can trust about a product. Knowledge gains trust, just as much as honesty does.

Another area that training can help your salesperson become the best is with role-playing and objection handling. With this added training, you will be empowering the salespeople to be able to achieve a higher amount of sells and therefore a higher level of confidence.

The best way to implement a good incentive and training plan, it takes the cooperation of the trainer; the managers and the sales team themselves. This is where teamwork comes together to come up with what will motivate, what needs to be known, and then the implementation of that motivational plan.

The combination of a good incentive and training program can provide a strong foundation for a sales team to thrive and succeed. The training will provide the knowledge and ability, while the incentive will drive, and motivate.

Using these ideas should help to build a good incentive training program in order to help your team get motivated and succeed at a higher level of achievement. The main thing to focus on in order to achieve this level of achievement is what will it take for that team to be motivated. What will be their favorite dish?

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