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Profitable Sales Don't Happen on the First Try

Profitable Sales opportunities mean persistance with customers.

It's easy to get discouraged when you make your best effort for
a great sale and you're met with a dead-set "no." But don't let
it get you down. In actuality, 97% of all sales are not made
within the first pitch. In fact, it takes an average of five
to ten exposures - also known as follow-ups - to persuade your
prospect to make the first sale.

While your potential customer may not actually say the word
"no," specifically each time, but every time you follow-up and
the customer doesn't buy, it should be interpreted as a "no"
situation, and you should be aware of how to handle such
circumstances in order to get the most out of them every time.

As a salesperson, it's up to you to have the necessary drive
and skill in order to stick with it through the many follow-ups.
You must be willing to use enough effort to get to the point of
the last "no."

To make sure that you make it past the "no's" and maximize your
selling potential, here are some tips for success in closing:

Know the real reasons your customer would want your product.
Know the real reasons your customer would not want your
Know the point at which your customer will become willing to
buy, and work with them in formulating your follow-up plan.
Present new information relative to the sale each call or
Be creative in your style and presentation manner.
Be sincere about your willingness to be helpful to your
potential customer.
Be direct in your communication, without becoming patronizing.
Be friendly.
Use humor, but don't be silly or goofy.
When in doubt, sell the prospect for her reasons, not yours.
Don't be afraid to ask for the sale each time.

With these in mind, you're certain to get the most out of your
potential customers. Just don't get frustrated and don't give
up. Perfect your skill and you'll be on top of the world.

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Copyright 2004
Kate Smalley
Connecticut Secretary
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