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Look Closer at Buying Psychology

Creating a buying psychology in your prospect's mind has become the focus on neuro-linguistic marketing. And top marketing firms are now in full center of attention to utilize these surprising new discoveries. And so are you.

Why This Breakthrough is So Important

According to Media Post, this major paradigm shift towards the neurosciences for advertising effectiveness is an historical event. The old methods have "expired" and the new neuro-scientific approach is a key to the future of buyer influence.


"Zaltman, whose work is influencing the advertising plans of Procter and Gamble, General Motors, IBM and others, said the shift that has taken place in neuroscience over the last ten years suggests that much of the "tacit or explicit knowledge" that Madison Avenue has about the way consumers process advertising "has expired.""

Not only does this ratify the neurological approach to advertising influence but also suggests that direct brain and nervous system influence can be achieved via the mass media. The question to you as a marketer is?

How Can I Get Some?

How can you, as a marketer and advertiser, utilize the discoveries from the neurosciences fields to explicitly influence your audience? In ways that get them to buy, alter beliefs, or program for future actions, many of these types of influence already exist.

Vitale gives us a ringside seat in his paper "How to Control the Command Center in Your Prospect's Brain". It only speaks to ONE aspect, of three major systems that defines our world. But it's perfect for understanding the neurology behind "written" influence.


Is There an Underlying Formula?

Is there an underlying formula for the major areas of influence that control your prospect's perceptions of the world, their actions and beliefs? Well, actually "Yes!"

You can utilize what the BIG BOYS already know. In its simplest form, the process for neuro-influence goes like this:

"Pace" the present >>> "Lead" the future

Simple enough? It can be applied to most everything! Eugene Schwartz, in Breakthrough Advertising, pg 129, in the chapter on Gradualization, "How to Make Your Prospect Believe Your Claims Before You State Them", uses a principle of pacing your prospect's current beliefs, and then leading them.

(Eugene's book, by the way, was selling on eBay for $900 before Bottom Line Books re-released it.)

This pacing is also used in hypnosis, both clinical and covert. Pacing and leading is so important to hypnotic influence, here is what the founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Grinder and Bandler, have to say in Trance-Formations, in the chapter about inducing hypnosis:

"Pacing and leading is a meta-pattern. It's actually a part of every other induction we'll be teaching you." Page 43. Fact: it's a part of practically every type of induction there is!

In short, the pace-lead formula is a primary PROCESS for successful influence, both at the conscious and at the unconscious levels.

Would You Like to Learn More?

From "Installing Custom Criteria" to the creation of thought viruses in signature files, our understanding of covert influence (thanks to the Internet) has been radically accelerated.

These techniques are being merged with the psychology of buying, and if you are so inclined, you're invited to learn more.

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Author Source: Copyright 2004, Dorian Greer - continue to here: Seducing The Buyer(sm); Top Articles on Marketing(sm);

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