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Expanding your mobile world with Windows Phone 7

Would you like to have the latest technology when it comes to smartphones? Windows Phone 7 is turning a lot of heads as its new software has been 2 years in the making and hasn't failed to disappoint.

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BodyMedia brings new additions to smart phones

cellphones37033895.jpg Everyone has a desire to get into better shape and do what they can to properly care for their body. With gaming systems like the Wii Fit and other things to encourage people to get up and move and to lose weight, it was only a matter of time before mobile devices started integrating applications that encourage people to lose weight and stay in shape.

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High tech gadgets you will want to own for summer fun

cellphones37025442.jpgThere are all sorts of high-tech gadgets that can make your summer fun a lot cooler. Best of all these gadgets range from the affordable to the splurge, and are guaranteed to provide you with hours of summertime enjoyment. Here are some high tech gadgets you will want to own for summer fun-

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Pros and cons to Google's new browser

manwithcomputers32015719.jpgGoogle has been generating a lot of buzz lately with all of the new programs and things they are releasing. The new operating system known as Google chrome is generating a lot of buzz right now as many people see the benefit in using Google for their system.This article will guide you through the pros and cons of Google Chrome and help you understand if it's right for you.

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How Cisco is going to change the internet forever

network36229612.jpgCisco has been claiming they will "change the internet forever" and their impact on individuals, governments, and businesses will be revolutionary. While Cisco is making these claims, what exactly are they doing that is so monumental that it will change the internet and the way in which we browse online?

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How technology is "going green"

wiredworld19083276.jpg The environmental woes of the world have caused several businesses to rethink the way they produce and promote their products. Several companies like GE are researching ways to reduce energy consumption and waster products. GE has released a line of products called "Ecoimagination"; this line of products is on track to make over $20 billion by 2010. Here are other ways to show how technology is "going green."

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What is Zune? Why you would want these for your business?

What is Zune? Why you would want these for your business? Zune is Microsoft wireless portable media platform. Since this is the case as with any other media player, a business can use the Zune for training, entertainment, and much more.

The size of a Zune is rather small. About the size of a deck of cards, and weighs about 5.6 oz. So it is a rather lightweight media platform. Therefore if an employee is on the road, or is out and about they could learn, listen and retain the training that is required without being right there in the office.

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How to compare the various MP3 devices on the market?

How to compare the various MP3 devices on the market? There is so many options out there, how can you compare the options and choose what will work for you. This is easier than you think. The reason is that each of the MP3 players out there have options that will be more important to your, or will not matter as much. So either way, there are 5 key factors to keep in mind, making it easier to compare the various MP3 players out there.

Factor #1 use and ease of use

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A review of the top electronics stores (Comp USA, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc)

A review of the top electronics stores (Comp USA, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc). We all love our electronics. No matter if gaming is your thing, or music and television. Electronics are a major part of our worlds. However, where we buy our electronic products greatly deals with where we feel is the best place, with the most selection, and the lowest price.

How do we come to knowing this information? Well there are a couple ways, the first hand experience, commercials, or reviews. This is a basic review of what you will find at each of these electronic store options. Then you will be able to use this information to get your electrical hunt going.

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A look at the latest computer operation systems

Take a look at the latest computer operation systems. Whether you are viewing for the use of a MAC or an IBM PC, there are new operating systems out there that make the OS from 5 years ago appear obsolete.

Lets take a look at the latest for both of these computer systems. The first we will look at is Windows Vista for the IBM. This Operating System was released on January 30th 2007 worldwide. This Operating System has many benefits that is available for note books and desk top systems alike.

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Best progressive scan DVD players

Progressive scan DVD players have the ability to generate a picture in one pass, much like a computer monitor does. Conventional analog TV uses interlaced scanning. Interlaced scanning requires two passes to generate a picture, the odd numbered scan lines are the first pass, the even numbered scan lines are the second pass. The conventional TV does a complete picture refresh at the rate of 30 times per second. Progressive scanning is double that at 60 times per second. A good progressive scan DVD player will offer sharp, detailed images with good color saturation. There are several progressive scan DVD players on the market today to choose from. Here are a some of the best:

1. Philips DivX-Certified Progressive-Scan DVD player, Model: Philips DVP-642;
This DVD player is an excellent value with excellent video quality. This ultra slim DVD player offers great images on high-definition and HD-ready TV's. This player can spin your MP3 and JPEG-encoded recordable CD's and CD's loaded with MPEG-4 and DivX video, which is an ideal way of viewing internet-sourced content in your home theater. This player also has the ability to convert Region 1/All Region PAL-formatted discs, which are the video standard in Europe, for viewing on standard NTSC televisions. This progressive scan DVD player is affordably priced at around $65.00, making it #1on the list.

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Best digital media devices

The Roku SoundBridge M1000:
One of the best digital media devices on the market today is the Roku SoundBridge M1000. This digital audio receiver uses a vacuum fluorescent display that delivers bright, sharp text. The M1000 features a 280x16 screen that can be toggled from a two-line mode to single line mode with larger text, which makes it easier to read from a distance.

The Roku SoundBridge M1000 has a tiny frame packed full of audio and network connections. A stereo analog mini jack allows you to connect to virtually any stereo system, boom box, headphones, and even powered PC-style speakers. You will need to use the included Y-cable, or use your own mini jack extension cable.
Connect it to your home network with the Ethernet cable, which is provided, to get music to the SoundBridge. The M1000 also has built in Wi-Fi capabilities.

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Uses of MP3 technology in the business world

Many of us have heard the term "MP3," but few of us know what it really is or what an MP3 is used for.The truth is that MP3 technology is used by millions of people all over the world on a daily basis and for some of those people MP3 technology is at the center of their business dealings.

MP3 is an audio encoding format.MP3 technology is designed to reduce the amount of data required to represent an audio recording.The popularity of MP3 players has grown dramatically in the past years as technology, affordability, and availability of MP3 products has progressed.MP3 technology is known by most as a leisurely benefit.One is able to store hundreds of songs or other audio data on a small devise and play back that audio data with ease.Few people are not familiar with the iPod or MP3 player.These devices have become essential accessories to many.

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The latest consumer electronics

What are the latest and greatest in consumer electronics? That is all dependent on what area of technology spikes your interest. There are many new technological advances with consumer electronics as an entirety. However, there are ways to find out just what is new in your favorite areas.

Consumer electronics are basically all the different applications, gadgets and tools needed for entertainment, communications, and also office productivity. There are many different organizations, groups and much more on the Internet that make it easier to stay up to date with the latest consumer electronics. In addition to these resources, the manufacturers and designers of these consumer electronics are also offering information, specs and pictures, right on their web pages.

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Best pocket pc's on the market

A pocket pc is a small computer designed to be easily held in your hand or carried in your pocket. Pocket pc's come loaded with Windows CE operating systems and can be downloaded with a wide variety of additional software programs to customize them to your needs. These small, but handy computers have most of the capabilities of a full desktop computer including email, gaming, text messaging, web browsing and word processing. Many are WI-FI capable, and some come equipped with mobile phone features. There are many pocket pc's available on the market all offer different features and different price tags as well, so it is important to consider what features you need before making a decision. Two of the best pocket pc's on the market today are the HP iPAQrx3115 and the Dell Axim X30.

The iPAQrx3115 runs the Windows Mobile 2003 Se Operating System and is powered by a 300Mhz Samsung ARM-based processor. The rx3115 comes with a USB Sync Cable, a 920mAh Lithium-Ion battery, an AC adapter, a set of black stereo ear buds, a black slip case, a set of manuals and a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes an electronic user guide, Outlook 2002, ActiveSync and NevoMedia software for your PC. It is on of the smaller pocket pc's, weighing in at 5.1 oz. The iPAQ's 920mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to six hours of use, depending on wireless usage, screen brightness and level of processing activity. The screen is a diagonal 3.5" with a 240x320 QVGA resolution. The iPAQ screen is bright with a high contrast and has an excellent transflective display. This pocket pc has no scroll wheel and does not come with a USB cradle. With moderately speedy usability, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi onboard and a brilliant display the iPAQ rx3115 offers a lot for the price, which ranges from $325-$350.

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Best multi-functional device (phone, camera, pc, music player, organizer) for the price

What are the best multi-functional devices for the price?

The T-Mobile Wing Smartphone is one of the best multi-functional devices for the price currently on the market. The design of the wing is excellent with well placed soft keys and a rich blue paint job makes this device very inviting. The screen is 2.8 inches, and the color depth is 65,000 colors on a QVGA display. The T-Mobile Wing is a formidable messaging tool, thanks to advances in Windows Mobile 6. Layout is impressively accurate and even resized for the smaller screen. This phone can fit a 160-character message as a preview in the pop-up window that announces the message's delivery. Messages can be searched easily. There are also plenty of shortcuts, including one-key flagging, deletion, and message downloading. The Wing recognizes most e-mail services and will setup your e-mail account once you enter your address and password. The T-Mobile Wing features Wi-Fi, but no 3G. The Wing makes calls that sound good, and features an impressive suite of calling aids. The address book on this device is easily accessed from everywhere you need it, whether from the Today screen, the dialing pad, or even the "To:" field on messages. The dialing pad is easy to use in portrait mode, but a bit small in landscape mode. The Wing has Bluetooth for hands free calling, a good speakerphone, and speaker-independent voice dialing. With its attractive design, comfortable keypad, good performance, preloaded e-mail settings and a price tag around $300 with a contract agreement makes it one of the best multi-functional devices for the price.

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Best MP3 device on the market

There are a variety of MP3 devices on the market today to choose from. Here are two of the best that are available:

1. The River Clix is a pocket friendly device, measuring 69x47x16mm and weighs in at 71 grams. The Clix has a navigation method that uses the entire front face of the player as a four way navigation button. Pressing down on the sides of the display causes the whole thing to click. It has a simple way to cruise through menus, unlike the alternative methods which use tiny multifunction buttons and scroll wheels. However, the Clix is not button free. On the right hand side is the power key and smart button that you can assign one of five frequently used functions to. The top of the player is where the volume keys and a pinhole sized microphone are located. A port for the USB connection, a hold switch, and a reset button are located on the bottom part. On the left is a socket to plug in headphones. The Clix's QVGA display is sharp. It can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode, allowing for flexibility when switching between photo/video and audio.

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The newest and greatest information technology

Are you interested in information technology?The world of information technology is constantly changing and developing.New products in information technology become available on a regular basis!Information technology includes anything from the installation of software, to the fine-tuning of detailed computer systems.Furthermore, information technology refers to data management, data storage, software/hardware design, systems management, computer server installation, technology assessment and networking, management information systems, and database systems design.Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the changes in information technology.Here is some of the newest and greatest information technology that is just coming out, or has already changed the world of information technology!

Newest:This year, in May 2007, the Psigenics Corporation announced their newest developments in information technology.The purpose of the Psigenics Corporation is to develop and use information technology to help with current Psycho-Responsive devices.Recently, they were able to apply for two more patents in information technology which revealed some of their developments in brain-machine neural interfacing.This corporation has been able to produce different games and machines which range anywhere from helping the handicapped to lie detecting.These newest advances in information technology, therefore, are not only helping people with medical conditions, but are also helping the criminal and justice departments!

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The newest and greatest computer technology

Computer technology is one of the most rapidly changing and developing fields within the world!There are so many different things that computers can do, and every year many new computer products and technological advances are announced!Here are a couple of the newest and greatest pieces of computer technology:

Newest:One of the newest types of computer technology is a new product which Bill Gates calls "Surface."This project took five years to make, and it was only known by its secret code name "Milan."The "Surface" looks like a low, blacktop coffee table, but it is sensitive to the touch.Keyboards and mousse are not needed, because "Surface" is completely controlled by hand gestures and movements!The hardware for this product is run by a special version of Microsoft's Windows Vista."Surface" is scheduled to be released to the public in November of 2007.It is thought that this easier way of computer technology will be more accessible and user-friendly to people who struggle with keyboards and the computer mouse.In addition, "Surface" will also be helpful to retailers.T-Mobile USA has a contract with Microsoft for "Surface," and they will be able to place different cell phones on the top of the "Surface" screen.The screen will sense which different types of cell phones are there, and then pull up a list of the phones' different features!

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Staying in the loop on future technology

Are you interested in the future, up-and-coming technology?Do you want to know what all of the future products and developments are?There are a couple of ways that you can stay in the loop on future technology.One of the best ways to stay in the loop on future technology is to read the current technology news!Here are a couple of suggestions so that you will always be staying in the loop on future technology!

1) Read the current technology news:The current technology news always covers the advancements and possibilities for future technology.There even are articles which are dedicated to describing future technological products and ideas!By knowing what is going on in current technology, you will always have a better understanding about the technological trends and what will happen in the future.Here are a couple of great places that you can look for information on future technology:

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How to find current technology news

With technology trends the way that they are today, there is new technology news which is published every day!There are a couple of great magazines, television news, newspapers, and online sources which can provide you with the current technology news.Here are a couple of places where you can find the most up-to-date news in technology:

- CNN - The Cable News Network:The Cable News Network (known as "CNN") is one of the best resources for current technology news. CNN is one of the world's leaders in news and information delivery, and their focus on technology keeps in line with their other high-quality news reports.The latest technology news is sometimes a part of the actual television broadcast, but you can also find current technology news on the CNN website ( CNN website has a complete technology section which is dedicated to the current technological news.You can find different sections of technology also listed here, such as "Business Tech" and "Personal Tech," so that the different technological interests can be pinpointed quickly and readily.

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What is nano technology?

Technology has made a number of things possible, and it continues to improve every day. Each day, it seems, new discoveries and advancements occur as the result of technological advances.

What is nano technology?
One of these advances people are sure to hear more about is nano technology. This form of technology works to engineer systems at the molecular scale. Because this scale is so minute (to give you an idea, a nano meter is one billionth of a meter; a human hair is about 25,000 nanometers wide.) special systems and techniques must be used in order to manipulate the nanometers.

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Impact on business and society of emerging technology

No doubt about it, emerging technology has a drastic impact on society and business. Whether people realize it or not, the way we conduct business and live our lives would be much different if it weren't for the continually changing technology.

Emerging technology's impact on business
Because of technology, business has been able to advance in such ways that associates can communicate across the globe without ever leaving their respective offices. They can send information instantaneously, download important documents, and a number of other things. Consider how emerging technology has impacted business in the following ways:

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How to stay up to date on technology news

Technology is constantly changing and updating. It seems like every time you open a magazine or turn on the TV, there's an ad for a newer, better product that has a number of enhancements to make life easier and better.

With all the technology news, it can be difficult staying up to date. However, it's important for a number of reasons. This is particularly true for business owners, whose employees work with technology. Obsolete computers and outdated systems can make it harder to conduct business as well as lead to frustrated employees who are forced to work on out of date equipment.

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