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Pros and cons to Google's new browser

manwithcomputers32015719.jpgGoogle has been generating a lot of buzz lately with all of the new programs and things they are releasing. The new operating system known as Google chrome is generating a lot of buzz right now as many people see the benefit in using Google for their system.This article will guide you through the pros and cons of Google Chrome and help you understand if it's right for you.

The Pros of Google Chrome
Comparing Google Chrome to Firefox and Internet Explorer, you will see that Google has a number of features that are much more reliable and bound to be a greater asset to customers.

  • Isolated tabs and add-ons - this is a unique feature because you have each tab in it's own process, which provides you with better security online. It's a great feature because in case you have a browser that decides to give you troubles, you don't have to worry about it interrupting the other processes.

  • Page Search - Chrome has a really unique feature with the page search feature. This allows you to access the page search by using Ctrl + f and then you can seek out a particular keyword on that page. This feature is going to be extremely popular with SEO marketing specialists that thrive on keywords. The other unique part about the search is that while it will highlight the keywords you need, it also marks occurrences on the vertical scroll bar. This way you can easily scroll around and you can take screen shots of the entire page by using the vertical scroll bar feature.

  • Faster JavaScript - This is another nice feature as Java can run pretty slow on some websites. How will Java be faster on Google chrome from other websites? With Google Chrome, they have actually built a new Java platform from the other browsers and so it's going to have an incredibly fast download time. The one thing to know is that Firefox is also boasting they will have a new JavaScript that is going to be even faster from the one Google Chrome is launching.

  • Prefetching - Do you have a number of online places you like to visit? To make for a faster, more convenient browsing experience Google chrome uses a perfecting feature that allows you to quickly go to the sites you frequent. This will make your online experience better and much faster.

Cons of Google Chrome
While there are a number of great things with Google Chrome and a number of expectations for it, some initial reviews have show that it is lacking in a few departments. Here are some cons of Google Chrome:

  • Not a lot of add-ons - One of the biggest problems with Google Chrome is the lack of add-ons. It doesn't have all the add-ons a lot of people like to use like AdBlock and StumbleUpon. However Google is promising upgrades to chrome to make it better for users.

  • Vista problems - if you are running Vista, you may have a few issues with Google Chrome. Users have found that Chrome doesn't work with the speech recognition feature of Vista. You also won't be able to tile multiple windows and you may notice the system runs slowly with older model computers. This is because Chrome does take up more hard disk space to run properly so for older machines with limited hard disk space you may not enjoy using Google chrome.

  • Tracking - Since Google is the king of SEO, it's only given that they are going to track your online activity. While this may not be a huge issue, it does invade your privacy a little bit. In Germany, they government is actually boycotting Google Chrome because of the tracking activity and how it is an invasion of privacy.

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