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How Cisco is going to change the internet forever

network36229612.jpgCisco has been claiming they will "change the internet forever" and their impact on individuals, governments, and businesses will be revolutionary. While Cisco is making these claims, what exactly are they doing that is so monumental that it will change the internet and the way in which we browse online?

In March 2010 Cisco announced a new networking router that is going to be top-of-the-line and transform the internet. This revolutionary product is known as the Cisco CRS-3 Routing System. This new router is setting the standard for all future growth of the internet, especially for video growth to occur. It has about 12 times more traffic capacity from other systems. It transfers about 322 terabits per second, which is absolutely amazing compared to other systems.

How fast is it really? Well according to Cisco you can download the entire Library of Congress in about a second. Pretty impressive right? The internet is going to keep growing and advancing and users are demanding faster service, better download capabilities, and better online browsing.It looks as though Cisco is listening to these demands and they are trying to meet the expectations of customers.

Cisco is focusing more on the overall design of the internet, versus more about web surfers and the internet. By fixing some of the problems customers are seeing with the actual "pipeline" of the internet the normal internet browser will see improvement.

Video and other communications are the future of the internet. This is why Cisco is so focused on making the internet as advanced as possible because dealing with slow video chat connections and other things can cause a lot of problems for a number of customers.

AT&T is working with the CRS-3 routing system to test it out and see if it is worth all the hype Cisco is talking about. Cisco is focused on the improvement of the internet now, but they are building products that are focused more on future generations as they will thrive on video communication and other communication devices to stay in touch with one another.

Which companies have the best potential for growth and development with Cisco? Right now it looks as though health care industries are going to benefit greatly because they can get in touch with doctors and researchers all over the world to provide the best care to patients battling a number of conditions. Other companies that are going to benefit include government organizations and educational institutions. Having the online video sharing tools they need allow you all to get in touch with each other faster and it offers better and faster service for everyone.

Cisco is being seen as the "core of the internet" by a number of other companies as they are creating a stronger backbone for the internet to offer better service for everyone. If this is what Cisco is doing now future generations are only going to benefit more with the new technologies that are coming out to make video conferencing and download times faster and better.

While Cisco isn't really all that impressive to the standard user, it is pretty amazing to designers and others that see more in the core design of the internet. The consumer-level customers may notice a difference in their internet speeds and download times but the experience everyone will experience online will be noticeable, even if it doesn't initially "wow" you and turn your head towards Cisco. However Cisco is drawing a lot of attention from a variety of users and designers that see where Cisco is taking the internet and the new technologies they are creating that will make your life much easier and better.

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