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High tech gadgets you will want to own for summer fun

cellphones37025442.jpgThere are all sorts of high-tech gadgets that can make your summer fun a lot cooler. Best of all these gadgets range from the affordable to the splurge, and are guaranteed to provide you with hours of summertime enjoyment. Here are some high tech gadgets you will want to own for summer fun-

  • To get your "read" on-There are a number of ways that you can tote that summer blockbuster with you. For about $20 you can try out the "100 Classic Books" cartridge that goes with the game system Nintendo DS. This portable video game system will allow you take along classic titles wherever you go this summer. If you are unsure of what to read, you can use the quiz that appears on-screen to help you choose a book. Best of all it works like other electronic readers. You can simply swipe or tap on one of the dual screens of the DS, with your fingers or the stylus and the pages will fly by. You can also browse different titles and insert an electronic bookmark to hold your place. If you want a bigger electronic reader you can also pick up the Nook and the Kindle, which have both reduced their prices. The major benefit of the Kindle that it has an almost complete connectivity anywhere you go, simply using a 3G cell phone.
  • To get your "cool" on-While they can be pricey Dyson Air Multipliers may be worth the extra expense if you are struggling with keeping cool. These bladeless fans are the newest in high-tech and best of all have not spinning part that is accessible. They are quiet, safe, and you don't have to worry about a curious kid losing a finger.For more air power Dyson has also introduced a fan with a tower that could pass as art, and floor model with a pedestal.
  • To get your "grill" on-One of the worst parts of barbequing is waiting for the coals to get hot enough to cook on. No longer will you have to wait, for this seemingly endless process to happen. The Looftlighter can get those coals started, and best of all doing without having to add that horrible smelling lighter fluid. This device that was designed in Sweden works by blowing out hot air that is so hot, it will ignite coal or even wood, in approximately 15-20 seconds. When you continue to use the Looftlighter application process, for just five more minutes that white hot goals will be ready to grill on. This nifty device is much speedier then using electric starting coils and won't displace the pile of coals, when it is removed.
  • To get your "picture" on-Now there is no need to limit yourself to taking pictures on dry land. Using the new Underwater Case that goes with the Flip Ultra and Flip Ultra HD camcorders you can take under the water up to 30 feet in depth. An important feature to note is that because Flip cameras have one of the longest lasting batteries, you won't have to open the case too often. In addition, you won't have to open the body of the case, for playback, since it is clear and see through, you can view what you have filmed quite easily. If you need a new camcorder to capture those summer memories, then you may want to consider the Kodak PlaySport Zx3. This ruggedly, water proof camcorder offers high definition pictures with both face-tracking features and image stabilization. You can take this camera down at least 10 feet underwater and it is offered in many different colors.
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