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Creating A Drug-Free Workplace

What are the problems that you see in your workplace? Creating a drug free workplace is important as you want your employees to be able to perform at their best all the time. Employees that do not care for their health and use drugs can damage not only their health but also the reputation of the company. Many drug users are unemployed because companies are using drug screenings to keep drugs out of the workplace. This is something that you do need to consider doing in order to keep your staff under control and to rid the workplace of dangerous drugs.

Drugs can be incredibly dangerous to your company. When a person is on drugs they are less likely to react to situations correctly and many of them will end up with a workplace injuries and accidents that are related to their drug use. Not only should you be concerned about drugs but also alcohol abuse. You need to conduct regular screenings for both drugs and alcohol and to focus on keeping them out of the workplace in order to have a healthier workplace and one that will have a lower risk ratio.

To figure out how you can create a good workplace wellness program you should start by looking into the OSHA requirements. OSHA has some set standards on employees that are taking drugs and they can help you in creating a program to keep drugs out of the workplace. OSHA is on your side in creating a drug free workplace and they even have handouts and other things that may be able to help you in keeping your employees off drugs and also helping you to properly handle a situation where you do have employees that are on drugs.

Your employees need to know the company policies that are in place for substance abuse. Immediate termination is the best program you can have in place. You need a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse. This is the only way to keep drugs out of your workplace. If you don't have this type of policy in place you will end up having people that could take advantage of it. It is vital that you really work on keeping control over the issues at hand. Having a drug testing program is important. Make sure your staff knows they will undergo testing and that it will be at random. When they are not aware of the testing days, it can make it much easier on you to be able to keep control over the people that are abusing drugs and you can get them out of your company.

Supervisor training is also key to having a drug free workplace. Your supervisors need to know what to watch for when you have employees that are on drugs. They also need to be able to know what to do if they suspect people are on drugs. This is in addition to the policy as the supervisors are the best line of defense in keeping drugs out of the workplace.

Hold educational courses on drugs. Some people may not be aware of the serious dangers. You need to have them made aware by hosting classes that talk about the health risks that come with drugs and to keep them from using them. They can also help others to know of the serious issues with using drugs and to try and keep them from using them as well. The more education and information that you can get out there, the less likely you will end up having to fire people for drug abuse.

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