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A Wellness Program Design

Are you looking to create a successful workplace wellness program? What are the elements that it needs to include? What is your motivation for the program and how many employees are you expecting to sign up for it? You need to create a program that looks inspiring if you want to get employees to sign up and to take an active role in managing their health. You can do this by asking the employees what they want to see from the program and what type of incentives they want to work toward. When you create a wellness program that has all of the elements that they want, it is easier on them to get involved.

A good design will come down to doing your research. You need to take the time to let your employees know that you have focused on listening to their needs and you want them to participate. When you create a program that they designed, they are included to try it out.

Use health screenings to help you address the issues. You can easily have an idea of where you need to go with the program when you look at the health screenings and you can see that you have so many employees dealing with particular health issues like smoking or obesity. This way you can hold workshops and other things that will talk about the issues and will be able to show your employees the importance of working on reducing these concerns or having to face additional problems in the future. Paying them to lose weight is a once in a lifetime chance and many employees will be able to see this and will be motivated to actually work hard on losing the weight when they can get a great incentive out of it.

Management needs to step up and take an active role in the wellness program. You will motivate a great deal of your employees to do it if they see you are involved in it. They want to see you losing weight and eating healthier too. You need to set some goals for the program in order for it to work effectively. It is vital that you have goals that show the company how important it is to be involved in the program. You need to have a successful program by having successful plans to start it out. Sit down and really plan it out and then give your staff some input. They will have a lot to say about the program and usually have great suggestions to consider.

Goals that you create should focus on numbers such as lowering your healthcare costs by a certain percentage or being able to increase your productivity costs. As you are able to keep you company in tune with the goals you will see these things start to happen. You will have employees that are in shape and employees that do not use as much sick leave. When your staff is healthy they are happier and this creates for a positive working environment. People will appreciate your company and they are less likely to look for work elsewhere as they see how successful they can be with your company.

To accomplish the larger goals you will need to have little goals for the employees. You want to have these little goals so they can be stepping stones. They help to motivate employees as they pass the goals and see that the wellness program can work and will be successful. This is a great way to reduce sick leave problems and to see a drastic improvement in the overall health of your company!

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