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Why having an emergency preparedness plan is part of promoting employee health

More and more employers are realizing the importance of promoting employee health. They realize the value of their workforce and understand that they need to do all they can to promote the health of the employees and their families. Because of this employers are setting up employee health programs, and putting all other types of measures into place to help improve the health of their employees. However, there is one component that is often overlooked when it comes to employee health. Many employers do not realize that having an emergency preparedness plan is part of promoting employee health. When you have a plan that addresses emergencies it not only cuts down the panic that can ensue but it helps to prevent accidents and even deaths. Here is why having an emergency preparedness plan is part of promoting employee health-

• It all start with planning-The first step to putting together an emergency preparedness plan is to do that just that-plan. The management team will have to first address the needs of the business before the planning stage can even begin. This can often be done by bringing in emergency personnel who can help to guide the emergency preparedness planning. First responders can offer the best guidance on exits that should be used for evacuation as well as what emergency supplies should be kept on hand. In addition, during the planning stages the management should know what types of safety protocols are applicable to their business. This is crucial since this should be a part of any emergency preparedness plan.
• Put together an emergency preparedness team-Once the management has gathered the right amount of data to begin formulating an emergency preparedness plan then it is time to begin. The first step is to put together a team that will be in charge of emergency preparedness. Ideally, the team should be made up of employees from every level of the business. The emergency preparedness team will be charged with making sure that they form and implement the right emergency preparedness plan to meet the needs of the business.
• Know the components of an emergency preparedness plan-The emergency preparedness team should put together a plan that includes at a minimum the following components-
1. The plan should include the proper documentation of emergency escapes. In addition, it should make sure that all escape routes are visibly marked.
2. The plan should designate specific employees who are in charge of getting all employees in their area or on their floor to safety.
3. The plan should include written procedures that show how to account for every employee.
4. The plan should provide for basic medical training (such as CPR and first aid) to be given to certain employees.
5. The plan should provide a way that employees can report on the problem and give pertinent details about the emergency.
• Don’t forget about training-Once the emergency preparedness plan has been formulated it is not enough to simply post it somewhere and forget about it. Training of all employees should begin as soon as the emergency preparedness plan is done. This way all of your employees will be highly familiar with the safety protocols within your business and will know what to do should an emergency come up. Keep in mind that emergency preparedness training will need to be ongoing since you will have employees leave and hire new ones.
• Review the emergency preparedness plan often-You should keep in mind that your business is dynamic, growing, and ever changing. This means that the emergency preparedness plan you put into place today may not be the right one in the years to come. This makes it crucial to review the emergency preparedness plan often in order to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your employees safe and healthy.

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