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Why you should have a no smoking policy in your business

Every business owner is always looking for ways to save money. You may be surprised to learn that the reality is that if you have smokers who work for you then they are costing you money. Not only does their smoking pose a health threat it can actually affect your bottom line. Employers who are looking to improve their employee's health should consider instituting a no smoking policy. There are many different reasons why you should do this but here are a few of reasons why you should have a no smoking policy in your business-

- A no smoking policy saves you money on health care-One of the fastest growing expenses for most businesses is the cost of health care. Sometimes this cost is growing so fast it is prompting many employers to quit offering health insurance to their employees. However, one way to keep the costs of your health insurance down is to offer a smoking cessation program. Many insurance companies will offer you substantial discounts if you can show that you are actively involved in helping your employees to quit smoking. While a smoking cessation program will cost money many employers report that the cost is far less then the potential discount they receive from their health insurance.
- A no smoking policy saves you money on sick time-The reality is that smokers generally have poorer health then other employees. Your employees who smoke are at much higher risk for a wide range of serious and even potentially life threatening diseases however, studies show that employees who smoke have to take more time off to battle bronchitis, pneumonia, and even the common cold. If you offer sick time to your employees then you will be paying more out for smokers. Offering a smoking cessation program can go a long way toward reducing the amount of sick time that you pay.
- A no smoking policy saves you money on what may have to be spent on second smoke damage-For a long time that defense against smoking is that it wasn't hurting anyone but the smoker. Today, we know that isn't true. Second hand smoke can cause a multitude of different problems for your employees who don't smoke. When they are exposed to second smoke it ups their chances of contracting serious medical problems that can cost you a lot of money. In addition, do not think that sending smokers outside can be the answer. Studies have shown that many smokers smoke next to the ventilation system of their place of work and this simply draws the smoke back inside. Keep in mind that while you can't dictate what your employees do during their lunch hour you can institute a no smoking policy while at work.A no smoking policy can help to protect all of your employees.
- A no smoking policy saves you money on repairs-While the first priority of a no smoking policy is your employee's health it should also be considered the amount of damage that smoking can do the physical facilities inside your business. Businesses that have a no smoking policy spend less time and money on repairs and replacing items within their physical location. Cigarette smoke can do considerable damage to carpets, furniture, and even walls. Additionally, if smoking occurs within your business there is increased risk for fires being started due to carelessness with ashes or cigarette butts. Many times businesses have found they can save considerable money on insurance if they prohibit smoking within their business which not only helps tokeep your employees healthierbut your business safer, as well.

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