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How to exercise at work

Many employees can find it to be very difficult to find time to exercise while having a full time job. Because of this lack of physical activity your employees may be suffering from very preventable health problems. Employers have begun to realize the impact that this can have on their employee’s health and are trying to find ways that will help their employees exercise even at work. Employee wellness programs are showing the employees that choose to get involved that having a full time job is no excuse for not exercising. Both small and large businesses are giving their employees options for better health that include but are not limited to: onsite gyms, cooking classes, medical screenings, incentives for walking or biking during breaks, discounted gym passes and many other options.

However, it should be stressed that there are still ways to exercise at work even if your business is not able to offer a full fledged employee wellness plan. Educating your employees about taking every opportunity to incorporate physical activity into their day will help them to see the benefits they can obtain from fitness. Many employees have reported that even after participating in a few simple exercises at work they have a higher alertness and productivity. While it can take some creativity and planning there are ways to help your employees exercise during the day. Here is what you need to know about how to exercise at work-
• Educate your employees-There is little chance that a physical fitness program will be accepted by your employees if you don’t take the time to educate them. It can be very helpful to hold staff meeting to explain the options that will be available for employees who want to take advantage of them.
• Start with basics-There is certain basic activities that can help to get your employees moving. For example-Making sure that your stairwells are lit and attractively painted can encourage your employees to use the stairs. Small signs placed by the elevator can remind them of the chance for physical activity.
• Offer incentives for parking further away-If your employees usually park right by the office then try offering a small incentive for parking further away and walking in or getting off at an earlier bus stop. They will appreciate the fact that you recognize their efforts to put physical activity into their day.
• Set up a new delivery policy-Part of helping your employees incorporate physical activity into their day will be to change the way things are done within your business. Discourage the use of emails, and instead encourage the use of hand delivery. Have all of your employees get involved in moving boxes or shifting furniture instead of calling someone in to do that.
• Provide exercise equipment-Today, small personal exercise equipment has never been more affordable. You may be able to provide any interested employees with an exercise ball and a set of dumbbells for a minimal cost. Exercise balls can be used to replace chairs and help to build core strength while dumbbells can be stowed in a desk drawer until it times for a short weight training break. Another helpful fitness tool is a pedometer. Employees can be encouraged to work up to 7000-10,000 steps everyday. Many employers offer free pedometers and a small reward when the goal is met.
• Have regular breaks-When employees are encouraged to get up and move around on a periodic basis it can help to not only promote physical activity but reduce the chance of injures.
• Offer headsets to your employees that take a lot of calls-If your employees are stuck at their desks because of their phones this seriously limits how much physical activity they can get. Many employers have made the switch to headsets for their employees so that they can move around (even taking walks), while still being able to do their jobs.

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