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The importance of a clean business

Most people work hard to keep their homes clean which reduces the chances of them getting sick. However, employers often overlook the fact that their employees may be spending more time in the office then at home. If you are an employer who is experiencing a lot of absenteeism among your employees then it may be time to look at the cleanliness of your business. The good news is that a deep clean can often be the trick that knocks out a cold or flu bug and gets everyone back to work. However, it is important to realize that germs can be hidden or right out in the open such as on phones, doors, and shared equipment. Keep in mind that not only will a clean office be healthier for your employees (and yourself); it will also help to increase productivity and boost employee morale. Here is what you should know about the importance of a clean business-

• A clean business is easy to do-One of the great advancements against office illness lies in the form of antibacterial hand sanitizer. Many employers are finding the benefit of setting out several bottles of this throughout the office and then encouraging their employees to use it. However, keep in mind that while this will reduce the amount of germs in the office it won’t take care of all the risks. It can also be helpful to provide wipes that can be used to clean phones, doorknobs, and other public areas. Studies show that these common areas are where most germs are spread among employees. An effort to do these simple tasks can greatly improve the cleanliness of the office and the health of your employees.
• A clean office is cost effective-Many employers in an attempt to cut costs have let go of their cleaning staff. They assume that their employees can take over on the cleaning. This is rarely a good idea as most employees will resent this type of work and do only enough to get by. If you hire a good, professional cleaning crew they will use antibacterial cleaning products that will help improve the cleanliness of your office and improve the health of your employees. Most cleaning crews offer a range of service so that you can price out the services you want for the amount you want to spend.
• A clean office can help to reduce the chance of employee accidents and lawsuits-Germs are not the only problem when it comes to a business that is not clean. Boxes, wet floors, trash lying around, and other cleanliness problems can create the potential for accidents. Many employee and/or customer accidents result in lawsuits that can be costly and take a lot of time to deal with. Savvy business owners would do well to realize that a clean office goes a lot further toward improving and even protecting their business then just making sure that their employees don’t get sick. When you are making sure that your office is clean you are protecting not just your employees but your customers and yourself, as well.
• A clean office can improve customer satisfaction-Not only can you improve your employees health by improving the cleanliness of your office you can also increase the satisfaction of your customers. Most customers are turned off by businesses that are not clean and well maintained and may simply go back out the door in search of a business that is cleaner. When your office is clean you can show your customers that you are professional. In addition, your employees are much more likely to retain a professional image when your business is clean and well maintained.

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