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How to help employees not gain weight on the job

Obesity has become an expensive problem for many employers. Studies clearly show that employees who are overweight are at much higher risk for serious and even life threatening illnesses as well as on the job accidents. This type of problem translates into higher health care costs, higher liability insurance, and lower productivity as sick and injured workers need time off to recover. This means that it is in the employer’s best interest to help their employees lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. There are many different ways that employers can help their employees with weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. Here is what you need to know about how to help employees not gain weight on the job-

• Encourage breakfast eating-There is no denying the adage that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. When your employees get a good start nutritionally then chances are the rest of their day will be more efficient and productive. Many employers have taken the initiative to offer nutritious breakfast items for their employees. Whether you offer them gratis or low cost this breakfast eating should be focused on food with a high nutritional punch that is low in the fat, sodium, and sugar of many drive thru breakfast items. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are less likely to not just overeat throughout the rest of the day but also make better food choices. This can only help in maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if needed. Many employers are seeing results when they institute a breakfast option for their employees.
• Help employees resist the lure of take out-There is perhaps no more common words spoken at businesses then “We’re ordering from (fill in the blank here)”. If you want to help your employees with their weight goals it is important that they have healthier options available. Many businesses have begun offering cafeterias that provide healthier options for employees. Businesses owners are bringing in dieticians to oversee menus that make weight maintenance and weight loss a more realistic option for the people that work for them. In addition, many businesses are working with restaurants in their area to provide discounts on healthy options for their employees who are involved in the employee wellness program. This can also give employees an additional incentive for eating healthy.
• Provide on the job tools to make it easier-There are many different on the job tools that can make healthy eating a lot easier for your employees. One of the easiest ways is to provide fridges so that your employees can bring lunch and snacks from home and have easy access to them. In addition, vending machines can be changed out to be stocked with water, fruit, and more healthy snacks then the traditional chips, candy, and soda. Many employers are offering on the job cooking and nutrition classes that can help their employees make healthier choices in what they eating. Another helpful component can be offering weight loss support for those employees who want to lose some pounds. Studies have shown that at work weight loss groups are highly successful. Whether your employees meet with each other or a registered weight loss counselor this can be highly beneficial. Finally, employers can also work on changing the company culture. Every meeting does not need donuts and soda and every success does not need to be celebrated with cake. Focusing your employees on eating more healthy food and using non food items as incentives and rewards can help them to reach and keep their weight goals and be healthier.

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