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Why your business should offer an onsite gym

Onsite gyms have become one of the most popular benefits for businesses to offer. More and more employees are showing their loyalty to businesses that offer this benefit. In addition, many different studies have shown that when employees have access to an onsite gym they perform better on the job. However, even with this finding many business owners are still reluctant to offer an onsite gym. Because of this it is important to learn all of the reasons why this can benefit your business. Here is why your business should offer an onsite gym-

• An onsite gym is a great recruiting tool-Studies show that businesses that offer an onsite gym are not only benefiting their present workforce but those employees who may join them in the future. Today, many job applicants are looking not for just a great salary but other benefits that can enhance their lifestyle. One of the top recruiting tools has been shown to be an onsite gym. Businesses that have an onsite gym are known for recruiting the top tier of job applicants. These are the people who not only possess the top skills but are looking for a business to work for that offers a “whole life” approach to work. While there is no denying that an onsite gym can be an expensive benefit to offer businesses can offset some of the cost by being able to use it as a recruiting tool.
• An onsite gym provides higher employee morale-There is no denying that physically fit employees are healthier employees with better employee morale. Today, many businesses suffer from low employee morale. An onsite gym can show your employees that you value their contribution to your business and want them to work for your business for a long time to come.
• An onsite gym can save you money-Many business owners have become reluctant to build an onsite gym because of the cost of installing one. An onsite gym will require space, equipment, many times specialized staffing, special insurance, and money to run and maintain it. This can make the cost of an onsite gym seem just too high. However, it is crucial that business owners take the time to carefully evaluate the money they can save when they offer an onsite gym. Many insurance companies will offer reduced premiums for businesses that have an onsite gym. This ranges from lower premiums for health care insurance to liability. In addition, studies have shown that when employees have access to an onsite gym they are far more likely to be healthier which means they will use less health care, sick time, and be more productive while at work. All of these mean more money for the business. Many times business owners who have been reluctant to install an onsite gym quickly change their minds when they see how much money they can save by putting one in.
• An onsite gym retains good employees for the long term-One of the biggest costs to any business is the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Businesses should do everything they can in order to avoid taking on these costs. An onsite gym can help with that. When your employees see that you have a real interest in their health they are far more likely to feel increased job satisfaction, higher morale, and more loyalty to the business. This in turn translates to long term employees. Best of all, most businesses report that the long term employees that they have been able to retain are their best employees. This means that not only will you have higher productivity you will avoid the cost of having to bring in new employees.

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