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Why using a health club for employee health can be beneficial

Many employers are looking for ways to improve the health of their employees but are frustrated by a lack of resources to do so. One of the best ways that you can set up an employee wellness program and still afford to do so is by using the resources at a nearby health club. There are many different reasons for using a health club as the basis for your employee wellness program. This can be a great way to offer many different health services to your employees without having to take on the expense of doing it within your business. Here is why using a health club for employee health can be beneficial-

• Using a health club can provide your employees with state of the art fitness equipment-Today many health clubs have state of the art facilities that can cost even millions of dollars depending on the size and type of health club that you choose to work with. The reality is that few businesses can afford the top of the line equipment that many health clubs have along with the trained staff that is needed to operate and maintain it. This means that you can actually provide your employees with more when you choose to use a nearby health club versus trying to build an onsite gym.
• Using a health club can provide your employees with expensive top of the line options like swimming pools and saunas-Besides state of the art fitness equipment a health club can provide extras that few businesses can even consider adding into their onsite gyms. Today, some of the larger health clubs even have pools, racquet ball and basketball courts, saunas and other high end options that not only take up a lot of room but are out of the budget for most businesses. This means that if you choose to have your employees take part in an employee wellness program at a health club they will have the option to use these high end amenities, as well.
• Using a health club can provide your employees with access to personal training and nutritional counseling-Today’s health clubs offer even more then just fitness equipment to work out on. In an effort to become more full service today many health clubs offer personal training and nutritional counseling. These are services that are provided by staff that is experienced in their area of expertise. Many times health club members can receive personal training and nutritional counseling for a fraction of the cost of hiring it themselves when they are part of an employee wellness program. This means that if you choose to use a health club for your employee wellness program you are able to add on services that would be additional if you tried to do it inside the business.
• Using a health club can provide your employees with a multitude of options with out the business having to take on the full expense and liability-There is no denying that many of the options of an employee wellness program can be expensive. This is especially true for businesses that want to build an onsite gym. The cost of simply building the gym can often be prohibitive for many businesses. However, business owners should also recognize that there is a great deal of expense in running an in-house employee wellness program along with additional liability. When certain aspects of the employee wellness program are moved to a nearby health club this helps to relieve the business from much of the expense and liability of trying to do it on their own. This can often mean the difference of between offering your employees a great wellness program or something that is far substandard.

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