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How to use health screenings for employee wellness

Employee health has moved from being a trend in the world of business to being a growing concern for many business owners. Business owners are beginning to see how important the health of their workforce is and why it makes sense to offer health screenings and employee wellness programs. Not only do these programs increase the productivity of your business but reduce the healthcare costs that you will pay, as well. Employers have seen that overweight or unhealthy employees cost their business big money. Not only do they take more time off for health problems but they often struggle in performing their job duties, as well. This can also have a debilitating effect on the rest of your staff.

This has lead to many businesses offering employee wellness programs. However, it is crucial that employee wellness programs are based on the needs of your employees. There is no “one size fits all” type of employee wellness program. Business owners need to develop the right program for their employees. The way to find the information that you will need is by administering health screenings. This data will help you to put together an employee wellness program that can encourage your employees to be healthier and help you to reduce the healthcare costs that your business pays out. Finally, one of the most important parts of health screenings is that it can increase awareness among your employees about their potential to develop health problems. Here is what you need to know about how to use health screenings for employee wellness-
• Health screenings show you where the problems are-When you administer health screenings to your employees you will begin to see the health problems that are among your workforce. An effective health screening will raise the aware of what your employees need from an employee wellness program. You may find that your workforce is at risk for heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, obesity or some other kinds of medical problems.
• Health screenings show where there needs to be changes-An effective health screening will show some clear data on the exercise and eating habits among your employees. This will also help them to see why their health may be jeopardized by the lifestyle choices that they are making. In addition, a health screening can show what changes need to be made in order to improve the quality of life of your workforce.
• Health screenings show what type of employee wellness program your staff will want to participate in-The reality is that it won’t matter how good your employee wellness program is if it doesn’t meet your employees needs. You will need to be able to design an employee wellness program that will not only meet your employee’s needs but also give them an incentive for participating. An effective health screening is a necessary step to determining just what that will be. When employers try to put together an employee health program without doing health screenings they are typically far less successful then those based on health screenings.
• Health screenings show valuable medical information-Health screenings can provide valuable medical information far beyond simple surveys. Many employers have set up health screenings that include but are not limited to: medical history reviews, physical exams, and lab work. This allows the employee wellness program to gather specific medical data that can be used to create an employee wellness program that can be highly effective for the employees that want to participate. However, it should be stressed that this information will need to be gathered with the highest standards of privacy and employees should be assured that it will never become public knowledge.

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