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Why safety practices should be a part of employee wellness

When most people consider employee wellness programs they automatically think about the fitness, nutrition, weight loss and smoking cessation programs that many employers put into place within their businesses. However, there is another aspect to employee wellness that should be considered-the safety of the employees that work in the business. While some businesses have more risk then others it is still imperative that employers do all they can to minimize the risk to their employees. They need to make sure that their employees work in the safest conditions possible no matter the nature of their jobs.

This aspect of safety should be a priority for all employers. The risk of injury and accident is just as prevalent and important to consider as reducing the rate of illness among your staff. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to help you do that. When you make the safety of your employees a priority the benefits are numerous and can add just as much to the business and the bottom line as reducing illness among your staff. Here is why safety practices should be a part of employee wellness-
• It all starts with training-You can’t expect that your employees will be safe without the proper training. You will need to make sure that every employee who works for you has completed all of the necessary safety training. Keep in mind that this will not be a one time thing. You will need to keep all employees current with the best safety practices (that change periodically); and you will need to make sure that any new employees are thoroughly trained in safety practices, as well. Only with consistent training can you make sure that the safety of your employees is a priority.
• Using the proper equipment-One of the major factors that contributes to on the job accidents is the misuse of equipment. Many times when an accident happens the employee did not have the right equipment or the equipment they used had not been maintained. It is crucial that if you want your employees to be safe that you provide them with the right equipment and then make sure it is well-maintained. This means that you will need to institute procedure that allow for consistent monitoring and inspection of equipment.
• Using safety signage-Another important way to make sure that your employees stay safe is by the proper use of safety signage. There are a variety of different safety signs that can be used depending on the type of business that your company does. Having areas clearly marked for safety regulations can prevent serious and potentially life threatening accidents. Employees should understand if they will need protective clothing, safety equipment or need to take certain safety measures when they enter any area of your business.
• Consistent monitoring and follow through-Business owners need to understand that a big push for safety is not enough. Safety measures need to be constantly put into place and monitored to determine if they are being done. In addition, business owners should take whatever corrective steps are necessary if they find safety precautions are not being taken. It is imperative that employees know that there are consequences if safety practices are not followed. Safety training should also be constantly monitored to not only see that it is being done but that what is being taught is the most up to date information when it comes to safety practices for your industry. Only by following through on your safety program can you really make sure that your employees are staying safe while working on the job.

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