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Don't let pride poison prosperity

Most small business owners do not think of pride as something that could get in the way of their success, but in the current economic condition, pride can be standing in the way of your prosperity. If the current economic situation has your business down, don't pretend otherwise. If you continue to put on a fa├žade of success, and not get real, you won't be able to get the help you need.

Small businesses should not be afraid to ask for help and turn to others that might be able to help you. It is amazing the kind of business you can drum up when you put out a plea to customers to help you keep the doors of your business open. Or the kind of solutions that might be presented to you when you let colleagues know of problems your business is facing. It is a universal business truth that often your level of success has a great deal to do with your network. Reach out to that network for help if you are in trouble, and you could save your business.

Consider using mentors, mastermind groups, and others in the business to gain a better foothold. If you surround yourself with those that are successful, you will rise up to the challenge of being more successful yourself. If you let pride get in the way, and you pretend you have everything under control you could miss out on some great learning opportunities, and opportunities for growth in your company. Be realistic about where your business is, and what it needs to succeed. Then let others help if they are in a position to do so.

When you let others know you are looking for solutions, then get out there and talk to people, share ideas, and let yourself get inspired, you can solve many problems you may have thought beyond you. You can innovate a product, or a marketing plan. You can cut costs, or engage customers better. The possibilities for greater prosperity in your business will not be capped by pride, but with humility, the floodgates of inspiration can open. You may find that taking a hit in your business is the best thing that ever happened to you because it forced you to be creative, to look for unexpected solutions, to get outside the norm, etc. Adversity, when acknowledged, can be an opportunity to improve areas of your business that need a boost in order to regain customer attentions, and get you up to speed with the competition in your market. It forces you to take a look at your personal strengths and weaknesses, and regain a competitive edge by making some changes.

If you can swallow your pride, your business will have a far greater chance at prosperity because you will be able to recognize the need for change, and seek the help to make that change happen.

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