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Money saving tips for your small business

Every business owner is always on the lookout for ways to save money in their business. This is especially critical for small business owners who may have much less working capital then their larger competition. Successful small business owners know that keeping a tight rein on their money can mean the difference between long term success and shutting their business down. However, it can be easy when you are a small business owner to get caught up in the day to day demands of running your business and fail to watch what is being spent. This can be a fatal mistake for your business. You must keep a careful eye on your cash flow at all times. This way you will not only know what is being spent but how to prepare should there be an emergency on the horizon. Here are some money saving tips for your small business-

- Keep track of everything that is spent-The first step in controlling what is being spent in your small business is to know where it is being spent. It will almost be impossible to cut spending if you don't know what is happening within the finances of your small business. You need to put tracking programs in place that will help you see every expenditure that it being made. After you have tracked your spending for a few weeks you will have a much better idea of where your money is going and what can be reduced.
- Look at all of the expenses-Many small business owners will make the effort to insure that they are paying the lowest possible rent, insurance, and other major expenses only to find that they are still losing money over the smaller expenses. It is crucial to not overlook even the smallest expenditure. In order to effectively cut costs you will need to look at everything in your small business. Keep in mind that anything you are spending money on should contribute to the overall profitability of your small business. If a particular expense does not then you should cut it.
- Shop it around-Savvy small business owners dedicate part of their time and effort to making sure that they are getting the best price on everything they need for their business. Keep in mind that your vendors and suppliers want to keep their customers (you), happy as well so they may be willing to renegotiate prices with you. This is especially true if you have been a long term, on time paying customers. Never assume that you can't get a better price. Shopping around is the only way to let you know that for sure. You should also never overlook the smallest ways to save money. Many vendors offer loyalty cards that can save you money with every purchase. While you may not save more then a few dollars with every purchase over time it will add up.
- Reevaluate the luxuries-You may want to have catered lunches or offer free drinks and treats in your lunchroom. However, the reality is that if you can't afford it then you shouldn't be doing it. If you are upfront and honest with your employees about the perks that you cannot afford any longer they will be far more supportive then if you just stop paying for them. In today's job market most employees are just happy to have their jobs. Remember, that you don't want to have to face a layoff simply because you have overspent on luxuries that could have been done away with. When you are open with your employees they will be more willing to help you with cost control within your small business.

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