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Understanding the forms of email marketing

Small businesses owners do not have the same budgets as their larger competitors, leaving them with limited options when it comes to marketing. Email has always been a popular marketing method but with so many SPAM messages out there how can you reach out to your customers? You need to educate yourself and learn about the different forms of email marketing in order to become successful at it.

Direct Email Campaign
A direct email campaign is when a promotion message is sent directly to an existing customer or potential customer in the form of any email. A direct email campaign can be used to announce a new product or service or you can let people know about a new hire you are excited about.For example, a software company may offer technical support services for a yearly fee to their clients. An email campaign will be used when the technical support services have expired for each client. A direct email campaign will use a listing of email addresses that have been collected by the company. If your company does not have a database of potential customer's emails, you can purchase a list from a service company or purchase one through a partner company. Depending upon the company you purchase your email list from, you may be required to send the campaign to specific regions or only to specific clients. Just watch out for the mailing lists as many of them aren't valid and they often include a lot of faulty email addresses, which can take awhile to sort through.

Retention Email Campaign
Retention email is another common email marketing strategy. Unlike direct emails, retention emails inform customers about updates within the company. You will see these come to your inbox in the form of newsletters. A newsletter email campaign may include additional advertisements for products or services, but they typically aim at informing customers about updates and work to develop a long-term relationship in order to gain prospective customers and to keep sales high. If you are subscribed to newsletters, what is it you value with these emails? Do you appreciate the information that is in there or do you prefer to have a link to a coupon or another promotional offer? Consider a nice email that is aimed at thanking customers and building relationships instead of just worrying about making the sale.

Advertising Email Campaign
The final form of email marketing is advertising your company, service, or product within another email from a separate organization. There are several newsletters published by companies that are sent to readers on a daily basis. Companies are able to purchase advertising space on the email newsletter and can promote their company to a new audience. Banner ads are commonly seen on these email campaigns. You will also see pay-per-click ads and other ads that are inexpensive but give you a great opportunity to expose your company to a new audience.

Why is email marketing so great?

Email marketing saves companies a lot of money compared to a direct mail campaign. You don't need to pay for postage stamps and printing costs to get your message out there. The hardest part about email marketing campaigns is determining if you have the correct target audience. Companies prefer email campaigns because it takes less time to construct and send. Mailing letters and postcards takes a lot of time out of an employee's day, with an email campaign, the employee will simply design a template, upload it and upload the addresses of the customers and hit "send"! What have you got to lose? Most of the email campaigns are actually free as you can sign up for a free newsletter trial and have the entire thing automated for you.

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