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Why positive communication is important in your small business

Everyone has seen those business related movies where the hardened business owner takes advantage of employees and customers and speaks badly to everyone he comes in contact with. The media often portrays these hardened and negative business owners as winners who succeed because "nice guys finish last".However, you may be surprised to learn that studies show that business owners who focus on having positive communication both inside and out of their businesses tend to be more successful. Small business owners should consider building their business on a foundation of positive communication. Here is why positive communication is important in your small business-

- With your employees-Successful small business owners quickly realize that one of their most valuable assets is their employees. Your employees are the ones that who will be working to move your small business forward. It is important to understand that employees of small business are often the type of people who go above and beyond their job duties to make the company successful. You may find that because of the close camaraderie of your employees that they are highly loyal to you. You should make sure that you focus your communication with your employees in a positive manner. Whether you are giving instructions, doling out praise, or even correcting you should focus on the positive. Your employees will better respond to your leadership and repay you by working harder.
- With your customers-Today's consumers work hard for their money and want to know that the businesses they spend it in will appreciate it. You can do this by interacting with your customers with positive communication. Everyone wants to know that their business is appreciated and you can show this by the way that you talk to your customers. Good customer service is all about keeping your customers happy. One of the ways you can do this is to always be acknowledging them. When your customers know that you are recognizing their patronage they will be far more likely to come back to purchase again. Another way to have positive communication with your customers is by having a suggestion box. This way your customers can let you know of their concerns, questions, or even problems. This provides a two-fold benefit to you. You not only get to see what your customers are thinking it provides you with a way to respond quickly and positively to problems or questions that you customers may have. This is a great way to establish a relationship with your customers.
- With your marketing-You want to make sure that your marketing message always carries a positive message. You want your customers to get the message that shopping with you will be a fun and enjoyable experience. When you send out a positive marketing message it also shows your customers that you have the solution for their need or want which creates positive feelings about your business and what you offer. Studies have shown that more consumers react to marketing that carries a positive message far more then one that carries a weird, offbeat, or even negative message. When you design your marketing plan make sure that you are putting together a message that will excite and uplift your customers and encourage them to shop with you.
- With your suppliers-Your small business will only be as good as the products that you sell. Your will most likely have an extensive network of vendors and key contacts who work with you in order to make your small business run efficiently. Using positive communication with them will help you to get better rates, more cooperation, and help when problems do arise.

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