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A Managers Guide To Employee Stress

When it comes to really focusing on helping people manage stress, you need to look for what is causing stress. Managers have plenty of stress to deal with in their own right but they need to be the ones that manage their stress as well as the stress of their employees. If you can do this, people will see you as a true leader and a person that they really can admire. Employee stress can have a huge impact on the productivity for the company. It really can hurt the company in a lot of different ways as it also destroys morale. What can you do in order to combat employee stress? Here are some tips to help you out!

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What to do with employees that do not feel engaged

Have you ever been bored at work? If you have worked at a job where you did not feel like you were challenged at all, it's easy to resent this job and to start looking for a new job. As the manager of a company you don't want to be the person that is causing your employees to feel this way. You need to look for ways to help push them forward when they have to deal with the repetitive tasks day after day.

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What does stress do to your productivity?

We all know that stress can lead to health consequences specifically those surrounding your heart but what about what it does to the productivity levels of your staff? Stress is a part of life and it is definitely a part of the workplace but you need to be able to control the amount of stress in the office or it will have an impact on employee morale along with the production levels of your staff.

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What does stress do to your productivity?

We all know that stress can lead to health consequences specifically those surrounding your heart but what about what it does to the productivity levels of your staff? Stress is a part of life and it is definitely a part of the workplace but you need to be able to control the amount of stress in the office or it will have an impact on employee morale along with the production levels of your staff.

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What does stress do to your productivity?

We all know that stress can lead to health consequences specifically those surrounding your heart but what about what it does to the productivity levels of your staff? Stress is a part of life and it is definitely a part of the workplace but you need to be able to control the amount of stress in the office or it will have an impact on employee morale along with the production levels of your staff.

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Defining how multitasking should work for businesses

Every workplace has a number of standards that they implement on their staff. Dealing with multitasking is one thing managers often ask their employees to work on but unfortunately for them; they can't always perform to the same expectations as their managers. Multitasking in the workplace can be very complex and it can leave a number of employees feeling stressed and burned out.

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Legal matters your small business needs to take care of

judge30906246.jpgOpening a business is a very stressful and tiring process. When you have additional legal obligations to add to your small business, it can add onto the stress level you already have. Hiring a good attorney to make sure you are going through all of the legal loopholes and filing the paperwork will allow you to run your business effectively. Take the time to fulfill the legal obligations or you can have trouble with the IRS. Without filing the paperwork correctly, you will open your business up to lawsuits along with labor disputes and also trademark violations.

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Developing work balance by removing stress

stressedwoman16009389.jpgCreating a positive working environment is important to strengthen employee morale. Stress can cripple your staff and make for a toxic working environment. When employees are overworked, they will experience high loads of stress which can lead to illnesses, reduced employee morale, lower productivity, and several other issues. The attitude a manager brings to the office can lead to higher amounts of stress. Are you coming into work with a dictatorship working style? Do your employees run around like crazy when you are in the office because they are trying to please you?

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Helping employees overcome their resistance to change

confidence30842627.jpgWhen you take over as a manager, there are a number of changes that you will probably need to implement. People are naturally resistant to change, especially employees that have been with an organization and different management styles for several years. Since most people are resistant to change, you can find different ways to work with them and help them overcome this problem.

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Avoiding the "wear down" effects of management

concernedman19185284.jpgYou can get tired in any job you hold, but as a manager you may find that you are feeling particularly tired all the time. This is known as the "wear down" effect of management. As you have to deal with a number of problems, it can be easy to be consumed by them and feel tired and stressed out. You need to address the "wear down" effects of management because too much stress and anxiety will cause health problems to occur.

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How to use conflict resolution in the workplace?

handshake30395603.jpgUsing conflict resolution in the workplace is a very effective way to handle any disputes that arise. The one thing that you need t keep in mind is that if you plan to use conflict resolution in the workplace you must do so correctly, if not used correctly conflict resolution is not going to be very effective.

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Crisis management in the workplace

fighting28710646.jpgOne of the biggest problems with crisis management in the workplace is that nobody thinks about it until they are actually faced with a crisis. Rather than waiting until there is a crisis to deal with in the workplace you can get proactive and plan ahead for the crisis. Planning ahead will help reduce the severity of the crisis, but it can also help reduce the number of crises that your business is faced with.

Another benefit to using crisis management in the workplace is that it will help your business save money. Crisis management saves your business money because you will be spending less time dealing problems that could have easily been avoided. When you are dealing with problems, you are going to have to spend time and money on identifying the problems and then resolving them. Not to mention crisis management can help save your business money because you will be faced with fewer interruptions and the interruptions that you are faced with will be shorter.

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Activities that you can use for conflict resolution

womenboxingman28724766.jpgIn order for conflict resolution to be effective, you have to have good communication skills. In order to resolve a conflict the lines of communication between all of the parties involved must remain open, this allows people to talk about how they feel and why they are upset. To help improve communication in the workplace it is important to work on communication building exercises.

Here are some activities that you can use for conflict resolution in the workplace.

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Helping Your Employees Manage Stress

Every single person deals with stress in life.There is no way to ignore it.How you deal with stress makes or breaks you.At work stress can be particularly hard because it often impacts a lot more than just you. For example if you were to lose your job it would impact your whole family not just you and therefore giving you a lot more stress to deal with.There are ways to help your employees deal with the types of stress that they are going to have to deal with no matter what.

Making sure your employees are getting their breaks is the first thing.If someone isn't getting a break from work in an eight hour workday they will just feel more overwhelmed.Taking a half hour lunch where an employee eats and just relaxes helps them refresh themselves.It gives an employee the chance to just focus on nothing for a short time.Then when they go back to work they are more productive and tend to do a lot better.It works every time.

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Emotionally preparing yourself for layoffs

When the need for a reduction in staff is unavoidable, a layoff that is executed properly can be a way of fixing the problem and the company excelling. No one looks forward to downsizing, it can be an extremely difficult and emotional task. However, you can prepare yourself emotionally by fully understanding that a layoff is necessary for the company to continue and for its future growth. You can avoid common pitfalls and eliminate problems of downsizing by planning to downsize in an effective manner that is respectful to people's dignity.

Before executing layoff's be sure to have a clear, well-defined vision of what the company wants to accomplish and where the emphasis and focus will be after the layoff. If the company does not share its clearly defined vision among the entire management team, it will most likely will have a negative affect on the company in the future, in which more layoffs will be necessary.

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Happy holidays or Merry Christmas - which used more frequently?

In today's politically sensitive world, one of the key lightning rods is how people refer to the December holidays - do they use terms like "holidays" or "Christmas?"

You know what term you use, but have you ever wondered what term others actually use? Watch this video to learn more, I can almost guarantee that you'll be surprised by the results, especially what happened in 2007!

Just click the > symbol to play!

Tips for minimizing office stress

Stress in the workplace can cause all sorts of problems.No one enjoys working at an office that is full of stress, but sometimes it just happens.Now just imagine how nice it would be to work in a stress-free environment.You would be happy, your employees would be content and much more work would be completed!So here are twelve tips to help you minimize office stress.

1. Improve your time management and organization skills.One of the many things you can do to reduce office stress includes getting a to do list that works, learning to say "no", asking for help when you need it, and stop setting unrealistic goals for yourself.You'll find that just saying "no" and making a list of tasks will greatly minimize your level of stress.

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How to delegate in order to increase your time and reduce your stress

There are two main reasons to delegate tasks in the work environment. The most common and the most frequent is when you are overloaded with work.When you become overloaded with work it is time to delegate.Delegating tasks not only benefit you but benefit the company as well. When you have too many tasks to complete the quality of your work may suffer and you also may begin to miss deadlines. By delegating some of your work tasks, you are helping to maintain quality work and completion of tasks before missing deadlines. Delegating tasks does not mean you are incompetent or that you are unable to handle the work load. In all reality it is the complete opposite. Delegating tasks shows that you have dedication to the company by ensuring the work is done on time and that it is done correctly.

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Anger Management, What is it?

Everyone gets angry form time to time.It is when controlling that anger becomes an issue that professional help is needed.Anger management counseling allows an individual the opportunity of talking with a healthcare professional in the attempt to resolve their problems of controlling the rage that they feel.In a recent Gallop poll, it was found that 20% of employees asked reported that they have felt angry enough to "hurt" a co-worker in just the last 6 months.Literally thousands of employees, managers and innocent bystanders are being killed or seriously injured as a result of mismanaged anger.The workplace is a dangerous place to be these days.Managing your anger and the anger of your co-workers and employees is more important now than ever before.

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Where to turn when you feel depressed

At some point in every person's life, there will be a period of days, weeks, or maybe even months, when you feel down and depressed.For many of us, this will be a passing thing, which may make you feel miserable for a while, but will eventually leave you and you will return to your normal personalities.But during the period of time where you feel depressed, you may need an anchor of hope to bring you through.But what should you do when you feel depressed?Where can you turn when you're feeling depressed?

A short disclaimer: some people experience depression in short bursts and quickly return to feeling normal.These people may not require medical attention during their depression.However, for some people this feeling of depression will not so easily leave them.No matter what they try to do they cannot seem to regain those feelings of happiness and contentment that they remember from former days.These people may be clinically depressed and require professional medical attention.If you have been experiencing feelings of depression for several months, or have had thoughts of death or suicide, contact a medical professional immediately.The suggestions in this article are for those with less serious forms of depression.

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Top 10 Causes of Workplace Stress

According to, Americans spent more than $17 billion for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs in 2002, up 10% from the year before and nearly 30% over a two year period.

The Institute for Management Excellence reports that American industry spends more than $26 billion each year for medical bills and disability payments with another $10 billion for executive's lost workdays, hospitalization, and early death.

While these trends might be caused by some who are simply intolerant to stressful situations, it should also be recognized that properly managed circumstances can reduce stress, maximize employee productivity, and improve the living conditions of everyone.

Out of control stress also costs companies through increased absenteeism, lack of enthusiasm for the job, poor performance, and bad attitudes. Improvements in each of these areas can bring improved productivity and increased profits.

To find out what is most stressful to employees, Bill Wilkerson, CEO of The Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health, conducted a survey and reported the ten top sources.

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Observing Yourself

It is impossible to go through life without feelings and thoughts. These feelings and thoughts affect your body and your mind and can bring you in various mental states, from elation to devastation.

However, as you mature, you also learn that nothing lasts: not elation, not devastation, and not anything in between. Feelings and thoughts come and go like the tides of a river. If your responses to emotions are like those of the majority of other human beings, you probably enjoy the feelings of elation and dread those of devastation. You may then have also learned that elation, devastation, and all in-between states can elicit behaviors in you that you would have avoided, were you in a more moderate state of mind.

Fortunately, there is a way to establish better balance in your life, in which neither elation nor devastation, nor any state in between, will derail your acts or your perspectives about what makes sense, and what not. That is the way of observation.

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Control Stress or it Will Control Your Business

When we think about stress in the workplace, we usually refer to ulcers or heart conditions, but stress has a much broader impact. It is known that stress is linked to cancer, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, immunity to common illnesses, back problems, and many other medical problems.

It is estimated that stress is the underlying factor in 75 - 90% of all physician visits.

We see the effects of stress in workplace absenteeism, accidents, health care costs, workers comp, quality problems, productivity, litigation, grievances, violence, customer service complaints, resistance to change, personnel turnover, and profits.

Workplace stress is costing your business thousands of dollars per year. Is stress a line item on your budget? Knowing how much you are spending on stress is a good place to start, but you must take responsibility for stress control and its impact on the bottom line.

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High Stress Warning Signs

Military leaders are taught the symptoms of acute stress so they can treat the symptoms and keep soldiers on the front line. In the worst situations, the Army has experienced the loss of as many soldiers to stress as to combat wounds. In the best of conditions, the loss to stress has been one soldier for every ten wounded by the enemy.

Corporate leaders don't have the same concerns about losing employees to enemy fire. However, they do lose employees to stress. The loss comes in the form of absenteeism, medical problems associated with stress, lower productivity, accidents, and poor performance.

Employees react the same as soldiers do to sleep deprivation, physical discomfort, too much work, and trauma. Some people are more susceptible to stress, but even the most tolerant have some reaction to stressful events.

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Relax, You'll Know What You Need To Run Your Business

When I started my business, I didn't realize all of the things I didn't really know about running my own business. Between all of the government requirements and the accounting knowledge I started to wonder just what kind of "stupid pill" I'd swallowed! I didn't know what I thought I knew, about the business of business. Whew!...what a shocker!

That was years ago and looking back, shivers still run up and down my spine. The good news was, I wasn't alone and in reality most of us go through the same thing. Not that it makes any of us feel any better at the time, but it is a part of the learning "dues" that most likely will be paid.

It's interesting but even though there is still new and unknowns facing all business people each day, we seem to handle it better as our business acumen matures.

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3 Kinds of Workplace Stress

Workers across America will tell you that stress levels are increasing. The demand for anti-depressants is up. Doctor's visits are increasing. Stress-related ailments are shooting up like a rocket.

There are many stressors behind all these problems, but the gurus generally classify the stress itself into three categories. Understanding the major types is the first step to controlling stress and improving productivity.

1. Acute Stress. This kind of stress is caused by recent events. It is significant but temporary. Small doses can result in positive reactions: the adrenalin rush and feelings of elation can motivate achievement. Too much, too often results in headaches, backaches, upset stomach, and other tension-related responses.

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Your One Minute Mental Vacation

Do you find yourself stressed out doing all the marketing things you need?

How would you like to take a one-minute vacation? Do you think it can help you cope with your challenges each day?

Are you worried about sales, taxes, competition and your work schedule?

Here is an excellent exercise to help you cope with your workday.

Try it every morning.

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