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What to do with employees that do not feel engaged

Have you ever been bored at work? If you have worked at a job where you did not feel like you were challenged at all, it's easy to resent this job and to start looking for a new job. As the manager of a company you don't want to be the person that is causing your employees to feel this way. You need to look for ways to help push them forward when they have to deal with the repetitive tasks day after day.

How do you make your employees feel engaged and valued at work? It will start with the way in which you have set up the office. Employees can get bored when they have distractions that are more entertaining to them like the internet with Facebook and online games. Since so many employees have abused Facebook and the access to the internet, it has left companies with no other choice by to close off their access to the internet and make it so they can only access work-related sites.

To challenge your employees, get to know them. You can tell the employees that want to be pushed forward from those that do not really like challenges and do not care about them moving forward. As you meet with your employees, ask them what some of their goals are for the company. Where do they want to go from here and how do they want to push themselves forward? This will help you to look for new assignments to send their way and to keep them motivated and to keep them feeling engaged with their jobs.

If you offer exciting challenges to your employees and they do not step up to the plate to take them on, then these employees are those that you do not want to place into roles with the company where they can grow and they get a chance to showcase their talents and abilities.

Get your employees involved with their jobs and have them start setting goals and challenges for themselves. This will cause them to move towards greatness as they are pushing themselves instead of you always needing to push them forward.

Watch your employees stress levels. Too much stress can lead to a number of problems within the company and specifically with the way in which your employees feel engaged with the company. Companies that have implemented on-site workout facilities and have daily stress- reduction classes have seen a dramatic increase in their employee's involvement along with the productivity level of their employees.

Increase the amount of sunlight you have in your facility. Sunlight does help to increase employee productivity levels and it helps to reduce boredom in the office. This is a great way to go about building stronger relationships with your employees as well as they will be able to recognize all the extra effort and work you are going to in order to help them become productive and to have a better working environment.

Watch your employees and notice what they do that helps them to stay involved with the company. If you notice some of them need to get up and stretch every hour, look into the type of work they are doing and seek out ways to make their work less boring and mundane. You may want to have them work on a specific project for an hour and then switch to a different one so they don't get stuck in a rut of constantly dealing with repetitive tasks. Talking to your staff about the way in which they are working and how their jobs are being done will help you to acquire addition insight into the company and your employee's jobs and how you can make them better.

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