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Relax, You'll Know What You Need To Run Your Business

When I started my business, I didn't realize all of the things I didn't really know about running my own business. Between all of the government requirements and the accounting knowledge I started to wonder just what kind of "stupid pill" I'd swallowed! I didn't know what I thought I knew, about the business of business. Whew!...what a shocker!

That was years ago and looking back, shivers still run up and down my spine. The good news was, I wasn't alone and in reality most of us go through the same thing. Not that it makes any of us feel any better at the time, but it is a part of the learning "dues" that most likely will be paid.

It's interesting but even though there is still new and unknowns facing all business people each day, we seem to handle it better as our business acumen matures.

I think it's a confidence in our ability to continue forward in spite of a lack of a total understanding. We seem to intuitively know that we will acquire the requisite knowledge in plenty of time. Therein lies what I believe is the clue to the confidence needed, especially in the formative stages of your venture.

It's really easy to lose a sense of confidence when we are faced with new and unknown areas of business. Here are 3 ideas I use to help me continue to move forward when faced with a knowledge gap:

1. Ask for help. Understand with a certainty that "we" have all been where you are and as a result we will be eager to lend a hand.

2. Trust in your ability to learn whatever particular knowledge is needed. Think about it this way. You learned what was needed to launch your enterprise then; why would you suddenly stop learning

3. Treat the acquiring of the knowledge you need as a project. Assign yourself as the project manager and assign aspects of your knowledge / information gathering to employees, friends and family. This breaks the task up into small 'segments' and makes it a productive team effort.

When all else fails, just keep repeating the following affirmation:

I know I don't know now but I am sure I will know what I need, when I need it!

Keep the Faith! Rich Becerra

Copyright 2004, Rich Becerra Administaff, Inc.
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Rich Becerra is a business process consultant for small and medium sized businesses. Currently working with Administaff, Inc., this publicly traded company (ASF) provides HR solutions for small to medium sized business in all 50 states. With over 80,000 employees, Administaff is the nations leading Professional Employer Organization. To contact Rich: (800) 203-0240

Posted: Tue Jun 1 02:13:49 EDT 2004

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