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Helping Your Employees Manage Stress

Every single person deals with stress in life.There is no way to ignore it.How you deal with stress makes or breaks you.At work stress can be particularly hard because it often impacts a lot more than just you. For example if you were to lose your job it would impact your whole family not just you and therefore giving you a lot more stress to deal with.There are ways to help your employees deal with the types of stress that they are going to have to deal with no matter what.

Making sure your employees are getting their breaks is the first thing.If someone isn't getting a break from work in an eight hour workday they will just feel more overwhelmed.Taking a half hour lunch where an employee eats and just relaxes helps them refresh themselves.It gives an employee the chance to just focus on nothing for a short time.Then when they go back to work they are more productive and tend to do a lot better.It works every time.

If your employees are worried about layoffs or other executive decisions let them know as much as you can tell them.Often stress comes from fear of not knowing what is going to happen and letting people know as much as possible you get rid of a lot of that fear.

A lot of stress comes from being over worked.If there is any way possible lower the work load on your employees.If they are stressed out they won't be doing the best job they can do, they will just be worrying about how they are going to get everything done.Your employees will just hurry through everything and not get it done well.If you can lower the workload, extend deadlines, or find a faster and more efficient way to get things done.

Sometimes switching jobs for people can make your company more productive.If you have someone who is really good at getting business proposals out answering emails and someone who is really good at answering emails writing business proposals, then ask them to switch that one particular job.It can help make the company more productive.You won't always be able to switch jobs around but it is worth taking the time to look in to it.

Give your employees a chance to have fun.Go outside and play a game of volleyball with the whole office or do something fun together.It will help relieve some stress and give everyone a good time.Order pizza for the whole office after or do something where the office can be together and just talk about things.It will help relieve a lot of stress.

If you have to make a business decision that directly affects some of your employees, ask them to help you with it.A lot of times when something is going to change in someone's job, they get stressed about it and worry that the change is going to be something horrible for them.Letting them help gives you their opinion and lets you hear what is really possible and what will really make them happy and thus the company too.

Helping your employees manage their stress load helps improve your company.When your employees are happy they work better.Taking the time to help and change things slightly about the company can really help the whole department do a better job.

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