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Avoiding the "wear down" effects of management

concernedman19185284.jpgYou can get tired in any job you hold, but as a manager you may find that you are feeling particularly tired all the time. This is known as the "wear down" effect of management. As you have to deal with a number of problems, it can be easy to be consumed by them and feel tired and stressed out. You need to address the "wear down" effects of management because too much stress and anxiety will cause health problems to occur.

Reaction to stress
While you may not recognize it, your body does react strongly to stress. Some stress is fine as it helps us remain focused on the bigger picture and it does help to push us. Too much stress causes your heart rate to increase, causing the heart to wear down quickly over time. Too much stress and chronic stress will cause your body to wear down. Your body will be unable to produce antibodies to protect your white blood cells and this will leave you vulnerable to the common cold along with serious health concerns.

Preventing stress
Instead of reaching for an extra cup of coffee before your next meeting, you need to reach for an apple or a carrot. Your diet plays a huge rule in preventing stress and living a normal life. It is natural to feel tired a lot as you are dealing with several challenges but you should never feel like you need to go back to bed after you have been in the office for an hour.

Exercise plays a huge role in the prevention of stress. When you exercise, you are actually helping to remove stress from the body. Your muscles harbor stress and they hold it in, making it extremely difficult for you to go on with your daily activities once your muscles start to ache and cramp. In addition to regular exercise, you should also consider having your muscles worked on. Regular massages also help to release tension and stress from the body and you feel much better.

Consider taking yoga classes and try to meditate daily. Yoga is a wonderful exercise program to add to your daily routine as it is designed to help the body calm down. It will allow you to spend time meditating each day to remove stress from your mind. The stretching and strengthening exercises will pull the stress right out of your body and help you feel better.

Look for foods that help you wake up and make you feel better. Include colorful fruits and vegetables as they hold more nutrients and they enhance white blood cell activity, allowing you to feel better and to stay healthy. Add some healthy foods like whole grain bread to your diet and eat fish or take fish supplements each day. Fish includes omega-3 fatty acids, which help to stimulate brain activity.

The one thing you should avoid is caffeine and foods that give you a short pick me up like candies and sugary doughnuts. You want to look for foods that will keep your blood sugar level stable and will not cause it to go up and down. When it peaks and crashes, it will leave you vulnerable to feeling tired and lethargic. Caffeine makes stress worse and it can cause you to become irritable and it will leave you feeling like your heart is racing.

Finally, you need to take time off work. All work and no play will overwhelm you after awhile and you must take time to just relax. Try to go on a vacation at least once a year. You might also consider taking a long weekend once you have finished a long project and you need a break.

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