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What does stress do to your productivity?

We all know that stress can lead to health consequences specifically those surrounding your heart but what about what it does to the productivity levels of your staff? Stress is a part of life and it is definitely a part of the workplace but you need to be able to control the amount of stress in the office or it will have an impact on employee morale along with the production levels of your staff.

Studies have shown that stress does have an impact on the working environment. It can alter your judgment and leave you with you with bad decisions that impact your bottom line. Since stress does really have an impact on the overall productivity of the company, a number of companies have taken steps to work on reducing stress in the office. Here are some steps to take to reduce the amount of stress in your office:

  1. Remember to have fun. All work and no play really does take it's toll on your team. Even walking into your employees offices and cracking a joke can help to reduce stress. Laughter does make people relax and it will be able to help you have a stronger working environment. Having fun should be part of your daily regimen, just have a time and a place for it because it can get loud and distracting to your other employees work.

  2. Introduce exercise. When you sit all day, it causes blood clots and it can reduce your ability to make proper working decisions. Look into ways to make your employees workout by introducing yoga and exercise hours into the daily working time. Even adding an on-site exercise facilities will help your employees find a way to get in a few minutes of exercise. Walking paths outside and encouraging your employees to get outside and walk around the building will be able strengthen their focus and drive to work. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and getting your employees to go out and exercise will be able to help you have a productive working environment.

  3. Proper time management in the office also helps to reduce stress. By teaching the employees how to take the time to work on prioritizing the various tasks, it can help to keep them calm. Do not have your employees working on too many projects. Some people tend to over commit to projects and this makes it very difficult to get things done.

  4. Introduce healthier foods. Get rid of the unhealthy foods like soda and potato chips because they actually have a bad influence on the mind and make it harder for you to focus. Introduce a beverage machine that has 100% fruit juices and vegetable juices versus soda. You also want to introduce granola bars and other healthier snacks to get them off candy bars. A healthy diet does lead to a longer life and it leads to a clear and alert mind, which is vital to your productivity levels. Wellness programs also help your employees to live healthier lives since they will be working on quitting smoking and losing weight.

  5. Inspire a working environment of teamwork and friendship. It's a lot easier to work when you have other people to rely upon. Look for ways to introduce teamwork into your office. This will be able to help your employees to reduce their stress load. A nice feature of having an environment that is focused on teamwork is watching employees learn skills from one another. Since they can rely upon each other, it's easy to see them pick up the skills that are going to make them into a stronger employee.

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